Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Pretty Polly Stars + Stripes Tights

Just in time for the Olympics, Pretty Polly have teamed up with Henry Holland once again to create a series of seriously cool flag tights

I'm wearing the Stars and Stripes American flag design and as you can see, these tights are beyond kooky and not for the faint of heart.

I won these in a twitter competition held by Pretty Polly a few days ago and road tested them (in the safety of my house) tonight.

I was pleasantly surprised by how strong these tights are and I can't see them getting any pesky ladders anytime soon, which is always a welcome bonus. They're pretty opaque too, so I almost felt like I was wearing leggings.

For my American comrades, I think these would be a very cool addition to their Olympic season wardrobes - what a fabulous way to support your nation in the games!

Even though I'm not American, these flag tights are way too fun not to wear, but, being an Aussie I am currently eyeing up these Australian flag tights to flaunt in support of my homeland :)

...and of course for the Brits there's the Rule Britannia Union Jack version.

Because I have a British passport, surely I can justify getting these too right? Right?

The flag tights retail at £15. Take a look at them online here and follow Pretty Polly on twitter if you like to get your tweet on!

What do you think of the flag tights by Henry Holland for Pretty Polly? Will you be rocking patriotic pins anytime soon?

Thanks for reading! :*

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Fabulously False: Real Life Petites by Broadway Nails

I have a sordid secret. My nails are terrible. They're weak, flakey and according to my mum I've been gnawing away at them since I grew teeth.

I've successfully grown them to an acceptable length only twice this year but after watching too many elimination episodes of Masterchef Australia lately (it's tense), I've successfully annihilated them yet again.

Here's wear false nails come to the rescue.

I wish I could rock really funky, longer talons but the sheer length of them frustrates me enough to rip them off in an undignified manner on public transport. Ouch.

So, to spare my fellow commuters and allow myself to undertake normal daily tasks, I opt for the shortest falsies I can find.

My latest discovery in this category is the Real Life Everyday Style Petites in Real Short length by Broadway Nails. A mouthful? Yes. A hassle? No!

This little packet contains 28 nails in 12 sizes, especially designed for little hands. Whilst by no means elegant, my hands and feet are pretty tiny and I don't like having to file down false down nails to make them a better fit for my childish nail beds, so these are perfect for me.

Each nail is fitted with a 'clean break tab' that supposedly makes application a little easier. I don't really think the tabs made a huge difference but they do snap off really cleanly so there's no need to file afterwards.

The pack comes with a little tube of pink nail glue, which isn't the best I've tried but the quality of the nails makes up for this little indiscretion.

The nails I tried are in the style of a classic squared oval french manicure, with 4 accent nails featuring a sort of silver and black swirly pattern.
What's in the box...

These falsies really couldn't be easier to use and I had a full set applied in ten minutes flat which is a pretty mean feat for a clumsy monkey like myself.
Here's how to do it:

  1. Sort through the fakies and pick out the ones that fit your fingers best (these are numbered to make life a bit easier)
  2. Gently push down your cuticles using the orange stick provided (does anyone know why they're called this?!?)
  3. Lightly buff nails with the softer side of the buffer provided to create more grip for the glue 
  4. Apply a small amount of glue to the false nail and your natural nail
  5. Press the false nail down ensuring it covers your whole natural nail but DON'T push it underneath the cuticle
  6. Hold down for at least five seconds to allow the glue to adhere
  7. Twist off the tab carefully
  8. Sit back and look at your lovely new nails in adoration
Broadway nails are definite winners in my book and if you're on the hunt for an instant manicure to complement sunkissed skin, I strongly suggest you give these a whirl.

Retailing at £7.95, these are a little pricey but sometimes beauty is (financial) pain right?

I got these at Boots.

Have you tried Broadway Nails? Do you have any suggestions for a similar product at a littler price?

Thanks for reading :)

Friday, 25 May 2012

Urban Outfitters + My Sister - a love affair

I wanted to introduce you lovely readers to my beautiful sister Prudence.

She came home today wearing this gorgeous dress from Urban Outfitters and I simply needed to get the camera out in celebration.

I dig this dress because it rolls 3 Spring/Summer looks into one:

  1. Maxi Dress
  2. Tie Dye/Dip Dye
  3. Dipped Hem

 It seems my baby sister is a bona fide bohemian babe and I love this dress on her :)
If you're in love with this dress too, you can find it at Urban Outfitters for £40

Thanks for reading/ looking! :*

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Cheap Thrills: Nspa Indulgent Bath Syrups

The labels say it all so not a whole lot needs to be said for these bargain beauties but I will tell you this:

  • You can buy them at Asda
  • They're only £2
  • They're available in all sorts of gorgeous scents including Chocolate Waffle and Gingerbread Latte
  • They come in ginormous 500ml bottles
  • They smell D E L I C I O U S 
Nspa produce a whole range of tasty smelling bath and body products at seriously affordable prices. 
As mentioned, you can find these at Asda, but in the meantime treat yourself to a little virtual window shopping by visiting Nspa.

Have you  tried these? Give them a whirl, they're seriously yummy (though I don't suggest you actually ingest them)

Thanks for reading :)

Monday, 21 May 2012

Vanilla Body Mist by The Body Shop

In my teenage years, Vanilla was my fragrance of choice.
 I remember how delighted I was when my mum bought me Vanilla Dream aerosol body spray by Aussie brand Australis when I was 13.
In hindsight, this stuff smelled beyond revolting but it started the ball rolling for my love affair with all things sweet.

In my early twenties I moved on to the somewhat more refined Vanilla Perfume Oil by The Body Shop and the little glass bottle remained a handbag staple for a long time.

Fast forward a few years and here I am, on the other side of the world browsing The Body Shop shelves on my lunch break eyeing up the new line of body mists and feeling a jolt of nostalgia when I notice the iconic vanilla scent I once adored is available in the range.

The Body Mists are £7 at The Body Shop.

Just like the original perfume oil, the body mist delivers a sweet burst of warm, true vanilla fragrance.

Unexpectedly, the scent lingers on the skin for quite a long time, though it seems to dull down to a more subtle fragrance as the day wears on.

The mist is alcohol based rather than oil based so it's ideal for spritzing on hair to freshen up locks without the risk of giving yourself greasy roots!

The plastic bottle and 100ml size mean the spritz is the perfect addition to your handbag for spring :)

What do you think about the mists? Have you tried them out yet?

Thanks for reading :*

Sunday, 20 May 2012

I have a new Blog Button...May I have yours?


So, as part of my blog overhaul I've made myself a new button:

Lippy in London

Pretty simple I know, but I kinda like it :o

I'm wanting to add a few more lovely buttons to my page, so if you've made one too, please comment on this post and leave me your link and I may just button-nap it from your blog ;)


Friday, 18 May 2012

Duped! Laura Mercier Creme De Pistache vs Nip + Fab Pistachio Sundae

If you've been reading Lippy in London for a while, you'll know all about my obsession with bath & body products that smell edible.
Funnily enough, I don't have that much of a sweet tooth when it comes to food but there's something irresistibly scrumptious about things I can bathe in, shower with or slather on my skin that smell like an indulgent dessert.

Laura Mercier is by far my favourite brand when it comes to curbing my cravings and one of the yummiest products in the patisserie inspired range is the Creme de Pistache Souffle Body Creme.
I got a pot of this for my birthday last year but I've almost reached the bottom and at around £43 a jar I was beginning to think my affair with pistachio was coming to an end.
But then I cast my gaze on a new Nip + Fab product and all was well again..
At £9.99, this isn't quite the perfect dupe but it's sure good enough for me!

Let's compare the two:
Left: Laura Mercier; Right: Nip + Fab

Laura Mercier: Thick, glossy, custard like consistency, pale pistachio colouring in an elegant glass jar.
Laura Mercier Creme de Pistache Souffle Body Creme

Nip + Fab: Thicker, butter-like consistency with bright pistachio green colouring in a round plastic pot.
Nip + Fab Pistachio Sundae Dry Skin Fix Body Butter

Just like the Laura Mercier Souffle Body Creme, This Nip + Fab Pistachio Sundae Body Butter smells as good as it sounds and certainly delivers in the moisture department.

All in all, while this isn't a perfect dupe, it's pretty darn close in the areas that matter - feel, fragrance and scent longevity. Both products are non greasy, fast absorbing and leave me smelling like I've fallen in a vat of cake batter in a French patisserie.
At a fraction of the price, I think Nip + Fab gives Laura Mercier a run for her money with the Pistachio Sundae Body Butter.
You can find this at Boots for £9.99.

How do you feel about patisserie inspired body products? Do they give you a sugar rush or an ice cream headache? :)

Thanks for reading!

Nylon Backseam Tights by Pretty Polly

It's official, flesh toned tights are back in a big way (thanks to a certain Duchess of Cambridge) and for me, they're the perfect addition to my Spring wardrobe this year.

Nude tights mean we can get around in a little less clothing this season and look like we've got our pins out without completely freezing our bottoms off in the process.
 Floral dress + nude tight + flats = win.
The trick is in picking the right pair - tights that are sheer and not too glossy are my style of choice ,so they're not completely obvious but disguise imperfections and keep legs warm.

On a mission to find the perfect pair of nudes, I headed to the accessories section of River Island but the vintage glamour obsessive within steered me to a pair of sassy nude tights, with a twist.

I've posted about Pretty Polly tights before (you can read those articles here) and I'm going to do it again now because, quite simply, I love them.

The pair I bought are the Nylon Backseam Tights.

View of Front (is there such thing as attractive knees?)

The Back!

As you can see, these tights are nude and sheer with a black seam running down the back of the leg.
The tights have a black cuban heel and completely black sole.

I think these tights are really fun and could add a touch of vintage glamour to my Spring outfits. 
What do you think?
I got these for just over £5 from River Island, but you can check out the Pretty Polly website right here

Thank you for reading :*

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Want Glowing Skin for Summer? Kahina Argan Oil is where it's at!


Tonight I wanted to write about a recent facial skincare discovery I've made.
Yes it involves a certain type of oil and yes I put it on my face.

Before you jump the gun and click away from this page in protest over the suggestion of smoothing oil on your face, give me a moment to explain :)

The oil in question is 100% organic Argan Oil by natural, ethical beauty brand Kahina Giving Beauty.

I've been trialing the Argan oil for the past couple of weeks and it's impressed me so much that I thought it deserved a little airtime on Lippy in London.

How Do I Use It?

For the face, I like to use it in the evening after I've cleansed my face.
 I put 2 drops on my palm, rub my hands together slightly, then pat it gently onto my face just as I would with a facial serum.
I've only used it once for my hair, applying a drop or 2 to the ends where there is some serious damage going on. I stopped using it on my hair because I felt that it was too precious to waste on split ends!

What Does It Do?

Argan Oil is naturally rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants and these benefits are only amplified depending on how pure the oil is, and this is probably the purest you can get!
This oil soothes irritation, minimizes fine lines, restores elasticity, neutralizes the free radicals that cause wrinkles and other signs of ageing, protects the skin from various nasties such as pollution (hello London) and improves the overall texture and tone of the skin. Not bad for one ingredient, in one little dropper bottle.

What Makes Kahina Special?

Basically, Kahina Giving Beauty is all about 'giving back' to the women in Morocco who source the argan nuts and extract the oil that ends up in the glass bottles. Kahina is so committed to celebrating these women, that their signatures adorn the packaging of every Kahina product. I think that's such a special touch :)

Another factor that sets Kahina apart from other Argan Oil manufacturers, is the quality of the product, please read this extract taken from the brand's website to learn a rather amusing fact about the oil of the moment:

The most important factor in determining argan oil quality is the “goat factor”. The argan nut is a hard almond-like seed, encased in an external shell and a fruity outside pulp. The nuts that are gathered for oil must have the exterior pulp intact. If there is no pulp, it means that the nut has been eaten and digested by a goat (goats love to eat the nuts) imparting a foul smell to the oil.
Often, these “goat nuts” will be sold at a low price and then the oil will be deodorized, a process that destroys the essential nutrients in the oil. This is typically the case of the lower priced oils on the market. 

All in all, I've fallen for this Argan Oil - I can honestly say my skin feels more 'plump' and hydrated and I look a little more awake than I did before I started using it (though I certainly don't feel it).
If  you're scared of putting this on your face, don't be. It absorbs really quickly and doesn't leave my face feeling oily - just lovely and soft.

*From what I've read about this company, they're pretty outstanding in terms of environmental responsibility and sustainability. You can read more on what Kahina is all about by visiting the website here.
Here in the UK, the Kahina range (including facial cleansers, serums, masks and more) is available at Beauty Works West. The 30ml size of the Argan Oil retails at £22.

Have you heard of Kahin Giving Beauty before? What do you think of facial oils? How do you feel about 'goat nuts'? :)

Thanks for reading! x

*This was kindly given to me for consideration, but I'm a terrible liar so rest assured that the above is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

How To: Easy Victory Rolls


As I've previously mentioned, I'm rather partial to the beauty trends of the 1940s and 50s.

The Hollywood bombshells of these eras oozed sex appeal and stars including Veronica Lake and Rita Hayworth were often photographed with their hair styled into 'Victory Rolls'.

Here's a fun fact: The term 'Victory Rolls' actually refers to a fighter plane maneuver, but women began using it when describing this particular style as a celebration of allied victory in World War II.

Every day's a school day.

Anyway, like any girl I sometimes play around with my hair. I'm certainly not known for having any notable skills in the 'upstyle' department but I wanted to show you the way I wear it a couple of times a month, just for fun and when I'm feeling brave.

Presenting Victory Rolls, Hannah style.

easy victory rolls

A closer look:
victory rolls hair tutorial
These are by no means perfect, but nothing in this world is eh?

In case you're interested, here's what you need, and how to achieve some little victory curls of your own :)

The Tools:

Hair Pins

Tail Comb

Heavy Duty Hairspray

How To:

  •        Curl hair with  a curling iron or GHD (Curling the front sections away from your face will make it easier to create your rolls)
  •          Part hair using tail end of the comb – I've done quite a deep side part today.
  •         Separate the front sections of your hair from the back and put the hair at the back in a ponytail to keep it out of the way.
  •        Take one of your front sections and tease it at the back a little for volume. If you have thick hair like me you can probably skip this step :)
  •        With your hand or a brush, smooth out the front of the section (the part that will be visible) and spray with a little hairspray. This will help the section hold its shape when you start curling.
  •       Once the section is smoothed and slightly tacky from the hairspray, get rolling!
  •       To roll, hold the section straight up with one hand, then place a finger or two about half way down the section and wrap the hair around it, towards your parting.
  •       Once you've got the hair wrapped around your fingers, loosen the 'loop' of hair around your fingers and simply roll it all the way down to your scalp, ensuring it keeps its shape.

  •    Pin the roll in place and go nuts with hairspray!

   If you're looking for a proper tutorial on how to do your own victory rolls, there are plenty out there on YouTube.

I think this one by Cherry Dollface is really quite good :)

What do you think of Victory Rolls? Have you tried them before? If you've not, you should give them a go, if anything for a bit of fun one rainy day. If I can do these, I guarantee you can too!

Thanks for reading !

Island Girl Insights Blog Hop


I'm taking part in my first Blog Hop via Island Girl Insights :)

Island Girl Insights

I've never had a go at one of these before, but it looks like a rather clever way of discovering new blogs and following them if I fancy it!
I read about this Blog Hop on Emma's blog Beauty By Emma.

Want to check out this Blog Hop and give it a crack? Just click here and follow the instructions.
Simples :)

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Clinique Mascara Swap

FYI ladies and gents, the Clinique Mascara Swap event is back and exclusive to Debenhams.

From the 14th to the 20th of may, bring your mascara (any brand) to a Clinique counter at Debenhams and swap it over for a shiny new deluxe sample of Clinique High Impact Mascara or High Lengths mascara.


Clip in Hair Extensions by Salon Confidential

I went to a Bloggers event a little while ago, and as well as being treated to an acoustic set by the lovely Diana Vickers, we were given the opportunity to try out some clip in extensions by Salon Confidential.
To be honest, I hadn't actually heard of this brand before the event but I'm so grateful I was introduced to it, because these extensions are phenomenal! 

These extensions are available in a variety of shades in three styles - Silky Straight, Bouncy Curl & Volume Wave. I was under the impression that these were made from real hair because they feel and look so real, but they're actually synthetic! How very deceptive :o
The extensions hold their shape, even after shampooing (or if you get rained on), so the styling is already done for you, which is a good thing because heat styling will only melt these babies!

I was matched to a set of Volume Wave extensions in Dark Brown, despite my dip dye, and they blended with my real hair exceptionally well.

Because my hair is quite long anyway, the extensions don't add a lot of length, but they do give me a lot of volume, shine and a lovely shape.

My hair before & during

Because my hair is quite long anyway, the extensions don't add a lot of length, but they do give me a lot of volume, shine and a lovely shape.

Every box of Salon Confidential extensions contains 12 individual 18 inch extensions, which clip in to the hair easily (tease your hair a little first for extra grip) and feel about as heavy as a set of professionally applied extensions. 
The wefts lay flat against your head, so there are no tell tale lumps to contend with, and the kit comes with a little booklet to tell you which extension goes where.
Salon Confidential don't only specialise in hair extensions - they do little make up kits too but I didn't try those out, so can't really comment, though they did look pretty nifty ;)

All in all, these extensions are a great, inexpensive alternative to professional extensions.
 If you want to try these out, they're available from for £45 :)

What do you think?

Thank you for reading :)

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Lipstick I Love: Topshop Lips in Rio Rio

Topshop describe this gorgeous lip colour as a 'bright red'.

I may well be imagining things because I would call it a ' feisty bright orange/coral/red shade of utter fabulousness'.
Technicalities aside, the official name for this shade is Rio Rio and I'm a little bit in lust with it.

Rio Rio is £8 from Topshop

This is a velvet, matte finish lipstick that feels creamy and hydrating on the lips thanks to skin loving ingredients such as shea butter and rice bran wax.
Rio Rio is a perfect name for this lippy because this colour actually makes me feel like dancing at a carnival in very little clothing. If I do this, don't worry I won't blog about it.
You will be spared :)

How do you feel about Topshop make up? I'm keen to try more from the range.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

I love mine, do you love yours?

A word of *warning*: If you are prudish, lacking a sense of humour or are my Dad, you may not want to read this post :)

You may have heard of this brand before but I'm going to have a bit of a rave about it because I think it's both hysterical and a brilliant idea.

Introducing I Love My Muff.

What is I Love My Muff???

To put it rather bluntly, ILMM products are taboo-squashing, natural and above all, fun products designed to keep your lady parts lovely :o

I tip my hat to I Love My Muff founder Ritz Clinging (awesome name!), a woman who wanted something, couldn't find it, so made it herself - the I Love My Muff range.

Ritz saw a gap in the market for unashamedly proud feminine hygiene products and created a range of intimate washes, wipes, sprays and lotions for savvy women who think their bits deserve a little tlc!

I've been trying the Fresh wipes lately and here are my thoughts :)

The packets of gentle, moisturising paraben free wipes come in a pack of 25.
These little treasures are little enough to stash away in your clutch on a night out or slip in your back pocket for casual 'freshening up' ;)

How do they smell?
To be honest, I was expecting these to smell a bit 'medical' but they actually smell really nice and fresh thanks to extracts of cucumber, chamomile flower, vitamin E and lavender.

How do they feel?
The formula is extremely mild on the skin so they don't irritate my nether regions in the slightest, even after hair removal. Bonus :)

The Verdict?
I think the wipes, and the whole range are fantastic. I love the concept, I love the packaging and I adore the brand's mantra : It's no longer a whisper, it's a statement. I love my muff. Providing daily love and care for down there.

So I'm jumping on the bandwagon and I'm going to say it.

I love my muff!

Now the question is, do you?

Visit I Love My Muff to discover the range that retails from £18.

A beautiful Scent: Kai

Loved by celebrities such as Jennifer Garner, Charlize Theron and even Tommy lee, Kai is a fragrance that's coveted globally, and I really want to spread the love for this because I adore it.

To put it simply, this fragrance is gorgeous.
Describing the scent of Kai is difficult because it's so unique, but I can tell you that it contains notes of white florals and exotic gardenia.

A bit of background
Growing up, Kai founder Gaye Straza would holiday with her family in the tropics and in creating Kai,
 she has replicated the blissful scent of the tropical white flowers she adored in her youth. One of the
reasons I think Kai is so special is because Gaye created the scent for herself, and it wasn't until she
was stopped in the street in New York by a beauty editor and asked what fragrance she was wearing
 that she decided to produce it commercially.

The Kai fragrance comes in many forms from scented candles to body scrub but I've been trying out the Perfume Oil and Body Glow.

Kai Perfume Oil
The roll on oil is a pocket friendly 3.6ml which is applied to pulse points for a burst of fresh, tropical, gorgeousness.

There's no need to apply a lot of the oil, because it's quite concentrated so a quick roll is all you need. I've found the perfume oil to be really long lasting, which is always a bonus when investing in fragrance and I had a customer ask me what perfume I was wearing at work today - when another woman wants to know what you smell of, it usually means you're on to a good thing :)

Kai Body Glow
I first picked up the Kai Body Glow in Mecca Cosmetica on the gold coast (sort of the Australian equivalent of Space NK) and I used it religiously through the summer to emphasize my natural Aussie tan.

Kai Body Glow is a dry oil, so it absorbes quickly, leaving the skin feeling sexy, silky and smelling beautiful.

I couldn't recommend the Body Glow enough. To me it evokes memories of the sun kissed beaches of Australia's east coast, taking my dog swimming at the broad water and long lazy Sunday afternoons involving my friends, a veranda and Norah jones.

If you're looking for a fragrant moisturizer to wear this spring/summer, I seriously suggest you give the Kai Body Glow a try.

Kai is paraben, sulfate, & phthalate free. In other words, there's nothing yucky floating around in it. It's also cruelty free & not tested on animals - always a big tick in my book!
Kai products are available from Cult Beauty.
Have you tried Kai???

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Look: Motel Rocks Jordan Jeans

I've wanted to own these jeans for months.

I couldn't afford them.

They went on sale.

I still couldn't afford them

I bought them anyway.

Motel Rocks Jordan Jeans in Black/Charcoal
I know I have a slight obsession with fancy pants lately, but I really wanted to share my love for these :)

These jeans are beyond comfortable. They're stretchy, soft and high waisted and feel really lovely on.
I'm excited to experiment with these but so far I think the Jordans look pretty cool paired with a simple black top or oversized tee...

*not my photo
...or make like Kendall Jenner and wear with leather and Louboutin booties.

The Motel Rocks Jordan Jeans in black/charcoal are currently on sale at Ark Clothing for £30.


Thanks for reading yet another post about trousers/leggings/jeans! 

Cheap Thrills: Superdrug Coconut Oil

Coconut oil, and various other multitasking oils seem to be everywhere in the beauty world at the moment, so I thought I'd share this ridiculously cheap find I stumbled across in Superdrug.

I got this coconut oil for 99p.

 Yes, 99p.

This product isn't 100% pure coconut oil, thanks to the addition of parfum and something called Coumarin, which is basically a vanilla type fragrance, but it does everything pure oil does - just don't eat it!

The oil in the 125ml tub is solidified but melts on contact with the sin.

As you probably know by now, coconut oil is fantastic as a fast absorbing body moisturiser and works as a lovely hydrating treatment for hair.

I've been using this multitasking wonder instead of shower gel to shave my legs, which leaves them really soft and smelling sweet :)

What are your thoughts on coconut oil? Not succumbing to the hype or is it a beauty staple?

Thanks for visiting :*