Tuesday 15 May 2012

How To: Easy Victory Rolls


As I've previously mentioned, I'm rather partial to the beauty trends of the 1940s and 50s.

The Hollywood bombshells of these eras oozed sex appeal and stars including Veronica Lake and Rita Hayworth were often photographed with their hair styled into 'Victory Rolls'.

Here's a fun fact: The term 'Victory Rolls' actually refers to a fighter plane maneuver, but women began using it when describing this particular style as a celebration of allied victory in World War II.

Every day's a school day.

Anyway, like any girl I sometimes play around with my hair. I'm certainly not known for having any notable skills in the 'upstyle' department but I wanted to show you the way I wear it a couple of times a month, just for fun and when I'm feeling brave.

Presenting Victory Rolls, Hannah style.

easy victory rolls

A closer look:
victory rolls hair tutorial
These are by no means perfect, but nothing in this world is eh?

In case you're interested, here's what you need, and how to achieve some little victory curls of your own :)

The Tools:

Hair Pins

Tail Comb

Heavy Duty Hairspray

How To:

  •        Curl hair with  a curling iron or GHD (Curling the front sections away from your face will make it easier to create your rolls)
  •          Part hair using tail end of the comb – I've done quite a deep side part today.
  •         Separate the front sections of your hair from the back and put the hair at the back in a ponytail to keep it out of the way.
  •        Take one of your front sections and tease it at the back a little for volume. If you have thick hair like me you can probably skip this step :)
  •        With your hand or a brush, smooth out the front of the section (the part that will be visible) and spray with a little hairspray. This will help the section hold its shape when you start curling.
  •       Once the section is smoothed and slightly tacky from the hairspray, get rolling!
  •       To roll, hold the section straight up with one hand, then place a finger or two about half way down the section and wrap the hair around it, towards your parting.
  •       Once you've got the hair wrapped around your fingers, loosen the 'loop' of hair around your fingers and simply roll it all the way down to your scalp, ensuring it keeps its shape.

  •    Pin the roll in place and go nuts with hairspray!

   If you're looking for a proper tutorial on how to do your own victory rolls, there are plenty out there on YouTube.

I think this one by Cherry Dollface is really quite good :)

What do you think of Victory Rolls? Have you tried them before? If you've not, you should give them a go, if anything for a bit of fun one rainy day. If I can do these, I guarantee you can too!

Thanks for reading !


  1. I did a hair tutorial for a gibson roll a few weeks ago and I wanted to incorporate these in it but I couldn't master them! I think I understand a little better now, I might give it a go! :)x

  2. Ah fab, I'm gunna try them again now that I've read this! I've watched so many videos that seem so easy, but when I try it, it all goes wrong! xxx

  3. Ladies, if I can do it,, you definitely can :) xx

  4. Beautiful! I really must try this. I found you blog hopping and now following!