Saturday 5 May 2012

A beautiful Scent: Kai

Loved by celebrities such as Jennifer Garner, Charlize Theron and even Tommy lee, Kai is a fragrance that's coveted globally, and I really want to spread the love for this because I adore it.

To put it simply, this fragrance is gorgeous.
Describing the scent of Kai is difficult because it's so unique, but I can tell you that it contains notes of white florals and exotic gardenia.

A bit of background
Growing up, Kai founder Gaye Straza would holiday with her family in the tropics and in creating Kai,
 she has replicated the blissful scent of the tropical white flowers she adored in her youth. One of the
reasons I think Kai is so special is because Gaye created the scent for herself, and it wasn't until she
was stopped in the street in New York by a beauty editor and asked what fragrance she was wearing
 that she decided to produce it commercially.

The Kai fragrance comes in many forms from scented candles to body scrub but I've been trying out the Perfume Oil and Body Glow.

Kai Perfume Oil
The roll on oil is a pocket friendly 3.6ml which is applied to pulse points for a burst of fresh, tropical, gorgeousness.

There's no need to apply a lot of the oil, because it's quite concentrated so a quick roll is all you need. I've found the perfume oil to be really long lasting, which is always a bonus when investing in fragrance and I had a customer ask me what perfume I was wearing at work today - when another woman wants to know what you smell of, it usually means you're on to a good thing :)

Kai Body Glow
I first picked up the Kai Body Glow in Mecca Cosmetica on the gold coast (sort of the Australian equivalent of Space NK) and I used it religiously through the summer to emphasize my natural Aussie tan.

Kai Body Glow is a dry oil, so it absorbes quickly, leaving the skin feeling sexy, silky and smelling beautiful.

I couldn't recommend the Body Glow enough. To me it evokes memories of the sun kissed beaches of Australia's east coast, taking my dog swimming at the broad water and long lazy Sunday afternoons involving my friends, a veranda and Norah jones.

If you're looking for a fragrant moisturizer to wear this spring/summer, I seriously suggest you give the Kai Body Glow a try.

Kai is paraben, sulfate, & phthalate free. In other words, there's nothing yucky floating around in it. It's also cruelty free & not tested on animals - always a big tick in my book!
Kai products are available from Cult Beauty.
Have you tried Kai???

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  1. This sounds lovely, I especially fancy the roll on, its not something I've ever really had before, and the scent sounds amazing! Thanks for the review :) x

    Lea x