Friday 18 May 2012

Nylon Backseam Tights by Pretty Polly

It's official, flesh toned tights are back in a big way (thanks to a certain Duchess of Cambridge) and for me, they're the perfect addition to my Spring wardrobe this year.

Nude tights mean we can get around in a little less clothing this season and look like we've got our pins out without completely freezing our bottoms off in the process.
 Floral dress + nude tight + flats = win.
The trick is in picking the right pair - tights that are sheer and not too glossy are my style of choice ,so they're not completely obvious but disguise imperfections and keep legs warm.

On a mission to find the perfect pair of nudes, I headed to the accessories section of River Island but the vintage glamour obsessive within steered me to a pair of sassy nude tights, with a twist.

I've posted about Pretty Polly tights before (you can read those articles here) and I'm going to do it again now because, quite simply, I love them.

The pair I bought are the Nylon Backseam Tights.

As you can see, these tights are nude and sheer with a black seam running down the back of the leg.
The tights have a black cuban heel and completely black sole.

I think these tights are really fun and could add a touch of vintage glamour to my Spring outfits. 
What do you think?
I got these for just over £5 from River Island, but you can check out the Pretty Polly website right here


  1. These are gorgeous, I'm big into tights and have far too many! As knees go, I think you're fairly lucky but yeah they aren't really the nicest body part are they?

    Just found you through another blog, now following :)

  2. they are so cute! Also to mention you have beautiful legs!

    found your blog through Island Girls' Insights' blog hop, following you :)

  3. Definitely true and i love your blog :)

    Nafisah xo