Sunday 6 May 2012

Lipstick I Love: Topshop Lips in Rio Rio

Topshop describe this gorgeous lip colour as a 'bright red'.

I may well be imagining things because I would call it a ' feisty bright orange/coral/red shade of utter fabulousness'.
Technicalities aside, the official name for this shade is Rio Rio and I'm a little bit in lust with it.

Rio Rio is £8 from Topshop

This is a velvet, matte finish lipstick that feels creamy and hydrating on the lips thanks to skin loving ingredients such as shea butter and rice bran wax.
Rio Rio is a perfect name for this lippy because this colour actually makes me feel like dancing at a carnival in very little clothing. If I do this, don't worry I won't blog about it.
You will be spared :)

How do you feel about Topshop make up? I'm keen to try more from the range.


  1. Love it! That colour is amazing! I have Brighton Rock which is also amazing! I've done a blog post on it :)

  2. i've been looking for a good matte lipstick! and for that price it's easy to give it a try! : )
    i'm going to post a drugstore haul this week, so if you're interested you can check out my blog ; )
    loves, fleur

  3. I strangely haven't tried any of the topshop lippies yet but love their cream blush and polishes. This looks gorgeous on you x

  4. i havn't tried any from there yet but you know what/ i jut might now :)

    Nafisah xo

  5. I haven't tried any of the top shop lipsticks yet but I know if I do, this will be the first one I'll get! It's so gorgeous!

  6. That looks so good! I wish there was a Topshop in Montreal!

  7. The colour really suits you!

    I haven't tried the Topshop range because I am not big fan of the shop and their customer service. I have heard great reviews so might give into temptation and check out a few products when the bursary comes in!

  8. I just started following your blog & i love it.
    This year I am trying to make my dreams come true

    follow back please?
    thank you! <3 :)

  9. wow, this product looks wonderful.
    looks so pretty on you :-)
    love your blog

  10. This looks lovely on you :) I've only tried a blusher and nail varnish from Topshop, I need to try more! xx