Thursday, 9 September 2021

Must-Know Tips To Optimise Taking Pictures On Your Phone

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Confession time: for the past few years, all of my blog photos have been taken on my phone. Technology has come such a long way and camera quality has improved so much in smart phones that using a mobile is totally a viable option for taking images for blogs. My last few phones were actually producing clearer images than my bridge camera so I just ditched it altogether and have stuck with using my phone camera ever since.

Of course, having a camera always accessible isn’t just all you need to take good pictures. It requires some skill and know-how. You may have used all of the best hair care tips, got your make-up on point, but unless you can take a good picture that moment will not be viewed and appreciated as much as it should. 

With the world, you live in is all about social media, capturing stunning images and using these either to support your business or create lasting keepsakes and memories, you will want to be creating high-quality images. 

Here are a few useful tips to help you be able to take those perfect images with your mobile phone.


Gridlines should automatically appear when you click onto camera mode and they are great at assisting you to balance your shot. It is one of the most simple and effective ways that you will be able to take better pictures. 

When the line appears on your screen it will be broken down into nine squares. This will allow you to work in thirds. This is a widely used photography tip where you will be able to line the photography subject along with one of the lines or centrally. This will make the image appear more balanced and be more pleasing to the eye. 

Get Up Close

Unlike professional cameras, mobile phones are reliant upon a digital zoom. As you start zooming in, no matter the quality of the camera of your phone, you will end up losing a lot of the finer details in the image. Instead, where possible move a little closer to your subject. 

Even taking a few steps forward will enhance the quality of the image no end. 

Consider If Filters Are Needed

Nowadays, everyone is using filters on their images. They can blur out the background and focus and draw the eye where you want. However, everyone is using the same ones. The ones that are built into your phones set-up. 

If you are just starting out with taking pictures these are great, as they will be able to generate some lovely images. But, as your confidence grows, you may choose to come away from the pre-programmed settings and take a clear and concise picture. Then with mobile apps available, you can edit them as desired to provide the desired effect. By doing this you will be able to keep the integrity of the original image and fine-tune your photos if needed. 

Keep Your Lens Clean

Unlike professional cameras, your phone does not have a lens protector to keep it clean. And, with phones being chucked in handbags and in your pocket there is a strong likelihood that dust, gunk and lint will build-up, along with the lens being covered in fingerprint smudges. When the screen has type of debris covering it, it will make your pictures appear blurred or hazy, which editing cannot fix. 

If you know you are going to want to be camera ready, spend a few minutes beforehand giving your mobile lens a good clean. 

Try Lots Of Angles

Some of the best pictures are the ones that take a different perspective. Instead of taking photos straight on, try different angles. Not only will you stumble upon which angles work and your general photography skills will improve, but you will take memorable images. 

This does involve a little creativity, but you will appreciate the effort when you see the end results. Think about bird-eye perspectives or seeing things through the eyes of a child low down. Getting low to the ground looking up will present the image to you from a different viewpoint and make your image uniquely beautiful. 

Consider The Lighting

Natural lighting is always best. Where possible try not to use the flashlight on your phone. As it is located extremely close to the camera when it lights up it can make your pictures blurry. 

As you start taking more and more pictures, you will need to know how to clear up storage on iphone. As you start taking more quality pictures you will find your storage building up and it is important to keep on top of this so you don’t end up being restricted on the quality of pictures you can take.

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

CHANEL Les Beiges Healthy Glow Tinted Moisturiser

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The CHANEL Les Beiges Sheer Healthy Glow Tinted Moisturiser is an example of when it's worth spending a bit extra. It feels virtually weightless on, gives a your-skin-but-better finish and really does seem to add a healthy glow to the complexion.
Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Tinted Moisturiser

I sought out the tinted moisturiser because, with a 4 week old and 4 year old, I felt I needed something to make me look (and in turn feel) a bit brighter and I wanted something a bit special that I perhaps wouldn't normally buy. The Les Beiges Tinted Moisturiser has been around for a while now and it's something I've always been keen to try so figured this is the ideal time. I'm certainly not disappointed.

The SPF 30 tinted moisturiser is designed to add luminosity and hydration to the skin, while evening out the complexion and imparting a 'healthy outdoor glow'. I think it does just that and it's really almost foolproof to apply- I just dot it on and blend it out with my fingers. The hyaluronic acid rich formula contains antioxidant Kalanchoe Leaf extract (a type of succulent), with mineral pigments and soft-focus powders providing the glow-giving finish.

I have the shade 'Medium' which actually surprised me a little as I'm usually matched to shades with 'Light' in the title, and this product comes in two pale shades - Light and Medium Light. When dotted on, Medium does look too dark for me but once blended out it is pretty much a perfect match. There are currently 6 shades in total, with the 3 darkest being Medium Plus, Light Deep and Deep. As this is a tinted moisturiser rather than a medium to full coverage foundation, I think the limited shade range is ok, though I had trouble finding examples of the tint used on darker skins so I could be very wrong here!

Overall, this might just be my favourite complexion product so far. It's simple to apply, feels breathable and weightless on, evens things out and gives good glow. Well played CHANEL!
CHANEL Les Beiges Sheer Healthy Glow Tinted Moisturiser retails for £40. I got mine at Bentalls but I think it's worth buying from Boots so you get some loyalty points to soften the blow a bit.

Monday, 23 August 2021

Soap and Glory Cloud of Dreams Whipped Night Cream

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 It's been a while since I've bought facial skincare from Soap and Glory. Probably years actually! I once had a bottle of the Peaches and Clean cleanser (quite nice if memory serves) and the infamous Glow Job tinted moisturiser with the little spheres of pigment that burst on application and adapt to your skin tone. I think my last purchase before now was actually the Night and Flight Moisture Miracle cream - you can read the review for that here.

Cloud of Dreams is a relatively new moisturiser but the smell of it is incredibly nostalgic - it's that sort of sweet, citrus-leaning scent that many Soap and Glory products have and I'm pretty sure Glow Job smelled exactly the same. It really took me back in time for a moment- I love how fragrance can have that effect.

Housed in an airless pump with a hygienic press down lid, the moisturiser dispenses out of the top in a cloud (flower?) for a nice touch. The whipped formula is so light it's almost soufflé-like, and, if I'm perfectly honest, feels like an absolute pleasure to apply.

Designed for normal and/or dry skin types, the night cream is spiked with hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil.

It also features humectant Glycerin (third ingredient after water and emollient Myristal Myristate, a fatty acid that comes from coconut and palm kernel oils).

With humectant and emollient Vitamin B5 acts as an anti-inflammatory while Ceramides lock in moisture.

The instructions say to use a 'grape sized' amount of product but I use probably about half that- just a quick press of the pump dispenses the right amount for me and it's definitely not quite grape-sized.

The cloud-like cream absorbs fairly quickly and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth to the touch almost immediately. There's no greasy feeling or worry about the product transferring onto pillows while I snooze either, just the result of waking up with comfortable skin with a slight glow.

You can find Soap and Glory Cloud of Dreams Whipped Night Cream at Boots for £14, where it's often on special or part of some kind of promotion. 

Saturday, 21 August 2021

The Best Ever Hair Care Tips

 (collaborative post)

 It doesn’t matter what hair type you have, whether it’s curly, thin, dry, or oily, some hair care tips are universal. It’s smart to tailor your routine to the needs of your hair, but the basics are the same and important to know. The following are some hair care tips, for all hair types, and happier, healthier hair. 

Wash With Lukewarm Water

A really hot shower might feel really relaxing, but it’s not good for your skin or your hair. That really hot water can strip your hair of its essential oils, which leaves it looking dry and dull. The next time you’re in the shower, turn down the temperature a little. Lukewarm water is just as effective at getting you clean, but it’s not as harsh on your hair or on your skin. 

Hot water isn’t good for your skin either. If you find that your skin is dry, your hot shower could be what is to blame.

Condition Correctly

You probably know that you should be using a conditioner, but are you using your conditioner in the right way? Think about where your hair tends to get greasy first. For most people, this is usually the roots. Conditioner only needs to be applied to certain parts of your hair, so you can skip applying it to these greasier areas. Instead, apply it to the mid-lengths and the ends of your hair. Conditioning the roots can end up weighing your hair down. 

Distribute the conditioner using a wide-tooth comb to help detangle your hair. Choose a conditioner that suits your hair type. For example, if your hair lacks volume, you can restore your hair to its original fullness with Joico shampoo and conditioner

Concentrate Shampoo On The Scalp

In contrast to conditioner, which you should focus on the lengths and ends of your hair, shampoo should be concentrated on the ends of your hair. If you wash only the lengths and the ends of your hair, you can accidentally strip away moisture and leave your hair looking dull, lackluster, and dry. Your scalp produces oil and is constantly shedding skin cells. This means it is the area that really needs proper cleansing, so when you wash your hair, concentrate your efforts focused on your scalp and your roots. 

Be Extra Thorough With Rinsing

You’re almost done washing your hair, which means that it’s time to rinse out any remaining product. Make sure you are extremely thorough when you do this to make sure you have properly washed everything out. Any product that has been leftover can leave you with buildup, which weighs down the hair and makes it look greasy. 

Don’t Dry Off With A Towel

A towel seems like the most obvious way to get excess water out of your hair and to dry off after a shower, but it’s not actually the best for your air, as it can cause breakage. Instead, squeeze out any excess water, and then dry your hair with an old cotton t-shirt. This is much gentler than a towel. 

Thursday, 29 July 2021

Revolution Skincare Hydro Bank

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 I have two items from the Revolution Skincare Hydro Bank collection - the Cooling Ice Facial Roller and Hydrating & Cooling Eye Balm.

As you will have guessed, the Hydro Bank range is all about hydration, with a focus on Hyaluronic Acid. Each of the six products in the range are icy blue in colour (besides the roller) so they are really appealing to even look at during this warm weather!

The range includes an Essence Serum, Sleeping Mask, Water Cream (moisturiser), Moisture Mist and the roller and eye balm that I have recently bought.

The Cooling Ice Facial Roller (£10) is pretty self explanatory. It's a little handheld device with a metal rolling mechanism that instantly cools and refreshes. It's supposed to be stored in the fridge (or freezer for an extra cold hit) but I used it straight from the pack and was surprised by how cooling it was already. The Cooling Ice Facial Roller can be used on bare skin or in conjunction with serums or moisturisers - just apply your products then roll over the face, working outwards, or use gently on the neck, rolling upwards towards your chin. 

I've tried a few cooling 'stick' products before and while the Revolution Hydrating & Cooling Eye Balm (£8) is nothing new, it does deliver in terms of refreshing and waking up the skin. The stick is absolutely tiny, with a twist-up function that pushes the icy blue, solid formula up. With Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin, this handy little stick is best kept in the fridge and used to perk up puffy, tired eyes.

Revolution products are often worth purchasing directly from the Revolution site because they often have sales (and a decent points program) but you can also find Revolution at other retailers including Boots.

Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Effortlessly Improve Your Mental Health, Naturally

(Collaborative Post) 

If you are looking for a way to improve your mental health but don't want to spend money on expensive treatments or programs with little research backing up their effectiveness, this blog post is for you. Here are the benefits of different natural methods that can help with depression and anxiety.

Work On Your Spiritual Development

Spiritual development is a significant benefit that will help with your mental health. It can improve your mood, reduce stress and anxiety, give you clarity about the direction of your life, and increase feelings of self-worth on top of boosting other areas of wellbeing as well. There are many ways to develop spirituality, including meditation, free monthly horoscope or prayer.

Have a Good Night's Sleep

A night of good sleep is a significant pillar of mental health. It can help you regulate your moods, which will, in turn, make it more difficult for depression to take hold. In addition to that, not having enough sleep has been shown to increase the risk of anxiety and depression significantly and make them both worse.

Sleep deprivation also impacts your cognition, judgment and impulse control.

Eat Well For Your Mental Health

Eating a good diet will have many benefits to help with your mental health, such as boosting moods or giving you more energy. Eating high in nutrients and healthy fats is essential because it can improve brain function while helping with depression and anxiety.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise can reduce the risk of developing many mental health problems such as depression, anxiety or ADHD while also helping with those you may already have. However, it is essential to note that if your symptoms are severe, consult a doctor before beginning an exercise program for safety reasons.

Connect With Nature and Family

Living in the modern world can be difficult, and it is essential to take time out of your day for yourself. One way to do this is by connecting with nature through various activities such as reading, hiking or walking outside.

On the other hand, connecting with family members can also help you feel more fulfilled in life, so try scheduling time to call your parents, visit them, or spend the weekend together.

Becoming a More Active Listener Rather than aTalker

Asking questions and listening to what someone has to say is an excellent way of reducing stress. This simple act can help somebody feel understood, which boosts your sense of worth for assisting another person. However, be sure you don't just listen passively by giving responses unrelated to the conversation.

Say Something Nice About Someone Every Day

Compliments may be simple, but they will have enormous benefits. Noticing what's good in people and saying things out loud can make them feel better while also boosting your mood and confidence. So, make sure that the things you say are genuine and not just superficial compliments to make people feel better.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are many ways to improve your mental health that don't include expensive treatments. Try out these great natural methods and see which ones work best for you!

Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Why Your Skin Needs CBD Oil

(Collaborative Post)

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is a natural compound that is extracted from the cannabis plant. Studies have shown that CBD oil derived from the natural plant can benefit and aid the health of your skin and can also be used to help various skin conditions.

In recent years, many people have been purchasing and using various beauty products that contain CBD oil as part of their skincare routine.

Eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and acne are some of the skin conditions that CBD can treat because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD oil is entirely legal in 50 states and used in different forms such as capsules, powder, and oils. In addition, well-known manufacturers of foods and drinks have also started to use CBD in all of their products.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is one of the many cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. Unlike its relative named THC, also known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, which is considered to be the "high" compound most often misused by individuals. CBD does not contain THC, making it a much healthier and natural ingredient that improves your well-being and performance.

CBD oil has proven to have many benefits, and individuals can use the oils in various ways. For example, people spray CBD mist onto their pillows to help them sleep, some use CBD oil in their foods, and others consume CBD protein powder to aid in muscle pain relief and performance enhancements.

Our body contains natural cannabinoid neurotransmitters and receptors known as the endocannabinoid receptor system (ECS). Research has shown that ECS and cannabinoids can play a vital role in many of our body processes, and also, our skin contains natural cannabinoid receptors.

CBD oils are perfectly safe to apply directly to your skin.

A few ways CBD oil can aid certain skin conditions

Assists with Acne

Known as the most common skin condition, CBD contains many valuable compounds such as anti-inflammatory, oil reducing, and antibacterial properties that can help to soothe and improve acne breakouts and scarring on the skin.

Many studies have shown that CBD can prevent sebocytes on our skin from creating too much excess sebum. In addition, due to the antifungal and antibacterial properties found in the cannabis plant, CBD oil can help to prevent skin infections and treat the appearance of scars caused by acne.

Sebocytes are the cells that create oils and sebum on our skin which is primarily a waxy substance. It is true that the sebum created helps to protect our skin against harmful factors; however, excessive sebum and oil buildup can cause acne.

Helps with Wrinkles and Aging

CBD Oil contains many beneficial properties, such as antioxidants. Therefore, CBD Oils assisted many individuals with preventing the appearance of aging and wrinkles on their skin because of the anti-inflammatory and antioxidants found in CBD.

Moisturises the Skin

CBD oils can help prevent itching and dryness of your skin by providing an extra layer of moisturizer that will help to soothe your skin and reduce irritation and flaking. In addition, CBD oils are perfectly safe for people with sensitive skins to use.