Thursday 14 November 2013

Sunjunkie Sunless Bodymist Review

I usually steer pretty clear of talking about self tan products. I'll often go out and buy the latest mousse/ spray/ liquid in spring and summer, plan to write about it and then discover that the results are so devastating that there's no point! It's not that the products I've tried have been particularly bad - this is a definite 'it's not you, it's me' situation. The truth is I am so uncoordinated and often impatient that I end up streaky, blotchy or weirdly speckled - and nobody wants to see that!
The reason I'm writing about the Sunjunkie Bodymist 'tan in a can' is this: This product is good. It's user friendly, the colour is great and I've had a good self tan experience with it (for once).

Sunjunkie Sunless Bodymist

Sunjunkie Sunless Bodymist

The Sunjunkie Bodymist comes in a white and gold aerosol can that sprays continuously from virtually any angle- I was holding the can upside down at some points (don't ask) and the flow of the spray was completely uninterrupted.
Sunjunkie Sunless Bodymist

The mist is quite fine overall, though I did experience a couple of 'spurts' that I easily rubbed in with Sunjunkie Tan Application Mitt. The Bodymist applied impressively evenly and dried within ten minutes, which made me extremely happy since I was applying it late at night when it was 4 degrees outside so I was glad to put my clothes back on so soon! It's worth mentioning that the Bodymist has quite a wearable guide colour to it so in theory you could use this in the morning and go to work etc then wash it off in the evening - just make sure it's dried before you get dressed and maybe steer clear from wearing white! Scent-wise, the Sunjunkie tan has a tropical, coconut type scent that lingers for a while before the fake tan smell takes over, though I have to say that the 'fake tan smell' is virtually non existent compared to others tanners.
Sunjunkie Sunless Bodymist Tan Line

I slept in the tan, washed it off the next morning and was really happy with the colour - a rich golden brown that made me look deceptively healthy and weirdly 'pepped me up'. I suppose it's a bit like popping on a red lipstick to make you feel happier and more confident, a decent fake tan has a similar effect on me!

My Sunjunkie Bodymist tan maintained its colour for about 5 days before I topped it up the other night and I must say I'm rather enjoying having a cheeky faux glow underneath all my layers! If you're going to try this (and I really think you should), one piece of advice I have is that less is definitely more with the Bodymist. Don't hold the can too close while your spraying and moisturise the heck out of your feet before you start as I found that the mist fell and settled on my feet, making them considerably darker than the rest of me. Rookie error!
I'm incredibly impressed with the Sunjunkie Sunless Bodymist (£12.79 for the mist and exfoliator) and I'm looking forward to trying out the self tanning mousse from the range next.
To find out more about Sunjunkie, click on over to the site here and find them on twitter @SunjunkieUK.
Do you faux tan in Autumn?

*PR sample - however I have used most of it up and will be purchasing this!

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