Sunday, 20 May 2012

I have a new Blog Button...May I have yours?


So, as part of my blog overhaul I've made myself a new button:

Lippy in London

Pretty simple I know, but I kinda like it :o

I'm wanting to add a few more lovely buttons to my page, so if you've made one too, please comment on this post and leave me your link and I may just button-nap it from your blog ;)


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  1. I like it =) I just made one for my blog last night and it took a lot longer than I had anticipated, lol.

  2. I like your button :) I made myself a few once I got the hang of making them, which can take a while if you're new to it! they're on my ad swap page :)xx

  3. Hello! Just wondering how did you make your blog button? Have been wanting to do it myself for a while but don't know where to start,your's is lovely by the way :)



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