Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Cosmetics 27 - Baume 27 & Cleanser 27

Cosmetics 27 by M.E SkinLab is a skincare range dreamed up and created by Pharmacist Michelle Evrard containing eco-certified natural ingredients that have been tried and tested extensively to ensure they do what they say on the tin!
Every product in the range contains 27 key ingredients to encourage a gorgeous, glowing complexion.

For the past month I've been using Cleanser 27 and Baume 27 and have found both little pots work brilliantly with my winter-parched skin.

Cleanser 27

At a glance, the Bio- Balancing Cleansing Balm is a lot like other balm cleansers - thick and kind of waxy and emulsifying once water is added.
The difference with this one however, is that it performs in 3 stages - first a balm, then an oil, then an emulsion. Pretty cool hey?
Picture of Cleanser 27

The cleanser is excellent for removing makeup and contains 100% natural ingredients including Bamboo powder and Chamomile extract.
It's very subtly scented, so once again a great option for sensitive skins.

To get the most out of Cleanser 27, I apply a small amount to my dry face and massage for about a minute before moistening the face and massaging again. Then it's a simple rinse with warm water and I'm all done!
While the texture of this is similar to most balm hot-cloth cleansers, the bonus is that there's no need to use a cloth with this one. The Bamboo extract contains exfoliating enzymes so there's no scrubbing required!

Baume 27

Picture of Baume 27

Oh how I love a cult classic beauty product.
Nourishing. comforting and nothing short of brilliant, Baume 27 has saved my skin this winter.
A 'Bio Energizing Cell Repair Balm', this luxuriously thick balm moisturises, replenishes, smoothes, protects and regenerates (phew!) thanks to its antioxidant and anti-aging properties.
To apply, you take a small amount of the balm and warm it between fingertips to emulsify before massaging it in to the face.

It's designed for use in the morning and at night, but I only really use at night to allow it to really sink in while I snooze.
The balm contains zero parabens, petroleum derivatives and silicones but does contain a whole load of lovely  things such as Neem oil, Hibiscus extract, Vitamin E, Pure Lemon extract, Aloe Vera and Shea Butter.

I found both of these products to be pretty lovely. It can be difficult to find 'gentle yet effective' skincare, but these 2 really do the trick and to be honest I'll be sad when the pots are empty!

At £55.00 (125ml) and £112.00 (50ml) respectively, Cleanser 27 and Baume 27 are virtually investment products but if you're keen to splash the cash on some luxury skincare, I recommend you take a look at these.

You can find out more about the Cosmetics 27 range here at Beauty Work West.

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*Samples - Words/ opinions are my own

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Cheap Thrills!: MUA Pro-Base Conceal and Brighten Kit in Porcelain-Beige

Whilst MUA seems to be a blogger favourite, the Pro-Base Conceal and Brighten Kit is actually my first product from this cheap and cheerful brand.

Featuring 3 products in 1 palette, the kit includes two concealer shades and one highlighter, designed to be mixed together to create your perfect shade!
I particularly like that little hair on the left...

This is a pretty nifty idea because we all know what a rigmarole it can be to find a perfect match when it comes to concealers and nobody wants to end up drawing attention to the bits they're trying to hide because the shade's too light or dark, too orange or too muddy!

The kit is oil free and pretty generously pigmented, so you don't need to use a lot at once - which is a good thing because these pans are pretty shallow!

I've found this kit to be pretty straight forward and easy to use - the concealers do crease under my eyes a little bit but I'm yet to find a product that doesn't and the highlighter gives a nice subtle, shimmery rose coloured effect when used high on the cheek bones.
I picked up the kit in Porcelain-Beige, which is the lightest colour but it's also available in Natural-Medium Rose and Beige-Golden.
Yes, my arm is that hairy

The MUA Pro-Base Conceal and Brighten Kit is £3.50 at Superdrug.

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Treat Your Home to a Barker and Stonehouse Carpet!

Though wooden floors have become a very popular choice in recent years, some homes just don’t look right without a carpet. And regardless of whether they are right for the decor or not, there is nothing quite as cosy as stepping out of bed into a soft, luxurious carpet on a cold winter’s morning.
That said, if you are going to opt for carpet rather than a polished wooden or stone floor then it’s important to have good quality carpet that is well made and will withstand the general wear and tear that’s inevitable in a busy family home. Barker and Stonehouse have been making quality carpets for more than 65 years, and if you’re looking for Barker and Stonehouse carpets in Knaresborough, you’re in luck as the store is just about to move into brand new premises in the area.
The store will be stocking a huge range of carpets so no matter what your taste, you’re bound to find something that will complement the rest of the decor in your home. If you like to let your curtains and accessories do the talking then a plain coloured carpet or a very simple pattern will probably look best. Go for a subtle shade that won’t draw too much attention to the floor but will complement the other colours in the room.
If, on the other hand you want the floor to have a more modern, punchy look then a striped carpet could look fantastic. Beware though, full on stripes are not for the fainthearted and you need to be sure you can live with them for a long time as changing the carpet is not a quick fix. If you’re sure that stripes are for you then keep the rest of the decor simple. Opt for a fairly simple couch and choose understated cushions in the same shades as the stripes in the carpet. You could of course ignore all the style rules and have stripes with all sorts of patterned cushions and curtains. It all depends on your personality and whether this would suit the character of the house.
All Stonehouse and Barker carpets are made from the finest quality wool. Some are made with a wool/polypropylene mix and others are 100% wool, but either way you can rest assured they are warm, durable and extremely comfortable to walk on. Make sure you get them fitted by a professional carpet fitter to ensure they look their best. 

*Guest Post

WEIGHT a Minute and Read This.

 I come from a family of foodies - my mum is a brilliant cook and I grew up on a diet of amazing, rich, Australian/ British food. We were the kind of family that wouldn't compromise on flavour in favour of a lower calorie count but also didn't have a plethora of snack foods lining our cupboards. Dinner time was a pretty important event in our house and I rarely left anything on my plate!

When I'd just turned 20, I had a pretty emotional episode involving an ex boyfriend and some pretty intense bullying that escalated to the point that I felt forced to move away from the safe haven of my hometown and into a flat 45 minutes away.
In this time I literally lived on cups of tea, noodles and soup. It sounds weird but because my stomach was constantly in knots over the whole situation, I felt like these were the only things I could eat. The thought of consuming anything rich or decadent made me want to be sick and the weight fell off me to the point that I lost 11 kilos.

Since then my weight has fluctuated a little and I'm always at my thinnest when I'm stressed about something - it's not that I'm too busy to eat or I eat small amounts to maintain a certain weight- it's because my tummy is doing backflips!

In 2011, a year after I moved to London, I got sick.
It came out of nowhere but basically I started suffering 'blackouts', intense, constant vertigo and dizziness and I stopped going out, only braving the Tube to get to and from work.
Once again, my weight fell off. I need to reiterate that I've never been overweight. My BMI was practically perfect before I started feeling sick, so my weight loss didn't make me look healthy, it made me look a bit like a human lollipop or a Bratz doll.
In Bruges with some Belgian waffles that I actually ate!

Grey jeans - my legs at their skinniest

I was ill, really ill.

The whole point of this rambling article is that whenever I've lost weight like this, people have told me how great I look.
This really disturbs me.

I sort of want to shake them and scream 'wouldn't you rather I felt great and had a bit of meat on my bones?!'

Sadly, at the time it secretly made me feel  scared about being hungry and indulging in great food again.
I love food! Food is awesome and amazing and exciting! But if I ate properly again, I would go back to normal -  no more waif-like figure for me. Clothes wouldn't look good on me any more, would they?

I know that the people who have said this to me in the past meant no harm. But it's a dangerous thing to say to someone who's not at a healthy weight...

A few months ago I started taking a progesterone only contraceptive pill. You know how the pill increases the bust size of some girls?
Well, it turns out I'm one of those girls.
My once barely-there bosoms swelled to a C cup and everyone close to me noticed.
You'd think this would have made me happy and it well may have, if it meant I didn't gain weight everywhere else.
It wasn't a huge weight gain, just a distinct increase in the radius of my bottom and some water retention around my middle.

When my boyfriend affectionately commented on my new shape with sweet nothings like 'Your bum is brilliant' or 'You were too skinny when we first met', I felt disheartened rather than complimented.
I've since gone off the pill (for other reasons) and the water retention has gone and I'm feeling healthier than I have in the past two years.

I look ok. I've got a curvy behind and I no longer look like a praying mantis.
So why am I not overjoyed with what I see in the mirror?

This frame of mind is ridiculous. I'm not a teenager any more, I'm almost 28 years old and my mind is trying to trick me like this?
I see curvy women and skinny women both in the media and on the street and I appreciate them all. I think Monica Belucci is stunning and Beyonce? I have no words.
Both these women have more junk in their respective trunks than me, so why does my brain get all nostalgic about my sickly thin days?
I love vintage, pin-up style - Marilyn Monroe was no waif, neither were Rita Hayworth or Bettie Page. Curves are feminine and gorgeous.
I wasn't unhappy with the way I looked before I got sick, so why is a part of me a little sad that I've gained my weight back?

I guess what I'm trying to say is - if someone you know loses an unhealthy amount of weight, for the love of all things good, do not tell them that they look great. Chances are, it'll stick in their mind. Believe me, I know.

Sorry for the rant, and thanks for reading!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base

Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier are my top two luxury department store brands which I can rarely afford to indulge in, so when the opportunity arose for me to purchase this much lusted after Bobbi Brown Face Base I practically ran down to House of Fraser after work.

Now before you go thinking I'm a big spender who can afford to pay £36 for what is essentially a glorified moisturiser, I'd just like to point out that I received a £25 House of Fraser voucher as a prize, so this pot of gloriousness only set me back £11!

I owned this years ago in Australia when I was in my early twenties and a bit more of a grease ball than I am now and found it a little two heavy then for my face (and the Queensland climate), but now that I'm knocking on the door of the big 28 and living through dehydrating winters I will take whatever moisture I can get!

Vitamin Enriched Face Base is a primer and moisturiser in one with a super thick, melting texture and a beautiful Vitamin C like scent to match the yellowy-orange colour of the cream.

This gorgeously thick face base is excellent as a nourishing, skin loving moisturiser thanks to the shea butter, carrot and vitamin C and E components and makes a fantastic pre-makeup primer, smoothing the skin and readying it for foundation.
I owned this years ago in Australia when I was in my early twenties and a bit more of a grease ball than I am now and found it a little two heavy then for my face (and the Queensland climate), but now that I'm knocking on the door of the big 28 and living through dehydrating winters I will take whatever moisture I can get!
Even though shea butter is a main ingredient in the cream, it's an oil-free formula. I'm not 100% how this works since I equate butter with oil but I do know that the face base leaves my skin glowing and dewy rather than with an oily sheen.
At £36, this is definitely a treat product to me but there's a lot to love with this product - the smell, the texture, the feel of it on my face, the lovely glass jar, the Bobbi Brown logo on the lid...
If you see this, give it a whiff and try some on your hand, if you're anything like me you're bound to fall for it fast.

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base is £36 at House of Fraser , www.bobbibrown.co.uk and other department stores.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Cara Delevingne's Eyebrows - An Homage

Cara Delevingne is a freak of nature in the best way possible. This post is dedicated to her and those extraordinary eyebrows that somehow make her look moody and adorable all at once. There's nothing more to say, so I won't. :D

*photos from vogue.com, vogue.es, love magazine, telegraph.co.uk.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A Little Bit Luxe: Rodin Olio Lusso Oils

For the past week or so I've been trying out the Luxury Face Oil, Body Oil and Recine Luxury Hair Oil by Rodin.
Olio Lusso is Italian for 'Luxury Oil' - a collection of gorgeous elixirs created by stylist Linda Rodin on the basis that beauty should be simple. Now in her sixties, Rodin is a walking testament to her own product - an uber fashionable older woman indeed!
Linda Rodin for Karen Walker Eyewear c/o oystermag.com

Luxury Face Oil

This very luxe face oil is a beautiful, aromatic combination of Jasmine, Rose Hip Seed, Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Evening Primrose, Apricot Seed, Arnica, Calendula, Neroli, Sunflower and Argan oils (phew). Each oil is benficial in its own way ( for example Neroli fights aging, Arnica reduces swelling), so it makes perfect sense to put all of these super oils together to create one brilliant formula!

Olio Lusso claims to be suitable for all skin types from dry to oily. I've been trying it on my combination/ dry skin and I'm pretty impressed so far!
I've been applying the Luxury Face Oil religiously since last Friday both in the morning and last thing at night
After exfoliating, I pat a few drops of the luxury oil onto my (slightly damp) face and it sinks in beautifully, leaving a subtle healthy sheen without any greasiness.
*The face oil is great to apply a few minutes before your foundation - it acts as a lovely primer to smooth out your skin ready for makeup application.

Luxury Body Oil

A 'rearrangement/ of the oils found in the face oil, the Luxury Body Oil is once again super-moisturising, gorgeously scented and totally wearable thanks to it's no-grease factor!
I rub a few drops of this into my arms and legs (paying special attention to elbows and ankles) after my evening shower when skin is still a bit damp, before jumping into bed and letting the oils work their magic.

Rodin by Recine Luxury Hair Oil

The Luxury Hair Oil formulated by Hairdresser Bob Recine combines apricot kernel, calendula, sunflower seed, sweet almond, neroli and jojoba oils with rosemary and juniper to create a multi-tasking hair product that leaves your locks looking and smelling fiiiiine.
This oil can be added straight to damp or dry hair or added to your conditioner for extra oomph. The oil can also be used as a styling aid and a nourishing scalp treatment.

Presented in a gorgeous glass dropper bottle, the Luxury Face Oil costs £92 for 30ml while the Luxury Body Oil has an rrp of £68 for 120ml and the Recine Luxury Hair Oil is £60 for 30ml. Available here at Beauty Works West.

*Please note that the bottles shown are sample size which I received for review. Have you tried anything from the Olio Lusso range?

Thanks for reading :)

Have You Made It? - Guest Post

So, you’re sitting at your desk daydreaming while the phone rings and rings and email after email
lands in your inbox. Are you happy? Was this what you thought you’d amount to when those
childhood dreams were running through your head all those years ago? Or you’re sitting in your van,
thinking about cutting back on costs and sourcing cheap van insurance, while waiting to go into the
next job. Is this how you thought it would turn out?

So, what did you want to be when you were a kid? The Royal Institution last year released the top
ten children’s dream jobs (voted for by kids between 6 and 16). They are:

Professional Athlete
Secret Agent
Zoo Keeper

We had a quick chat in our office. Now let’s get things straight first – we love our jobs, but we’re
now a little bit off the mark when it comes to those childhood dreams.

Mark – “I wanted to be an ice cream man”

This was probably the weirdest one anyone came out with – but Mark is a pretty weird guy. But
good weird – you know what I mean? His hopes and dreams had nothing to do with bringing joy and
happiness to his local area. “I just wanted to have all the ice cream I could eat.” “I remember when
my mum laughed at me when I first said it, I didn’t talk to her for a week.”

Emma – “Dancer”

“I used to do everything, tap, dance, ballet; then I grew taller and started to fall over”.

Rahul – “I wanted to be a pilot. Obviously.”

Jonny – “Professional footballer”

So, this one is top of the list from the Royal Institution. At least professional athlete is anyway. But
what were the hopes and dreams when you were a kid. For Jonny it was “playing at Old Trafford and
scoring the winner at Wembley”. For kids these days it might be more along the lines of the Ferrari,
the house in Alderley Edge and the ‘why always me?’ t-shirt.
Let's hope not.

Katie – “stunt man”

Weird, but cool.

So, have you made it? Or has reality caught up with you?

*Guest Post

Monday, 11 February 2013

Pucker Up Ladies- The Kiss by Lush

Frosted pink is usually a colour I avoid. It's just not my cup of tea and I find it a little bit terrifying.
Therefore my first feeling was one of disappointment when I read about Lush's limited edition lip gloss The Kiss.

Launched in celebration of Valentine's Day, The Kiss is a teeny weeny pot of lip balm/ gloss that's 100% vegan and 100% preservative free but is also 100% frosted pink! :0

I popped in to Lush to investigate further regardless of my fear-of-the-frost and found that the glitter/ frosted effect of the gloss was not nearly as extreme as I thought, though applying too much is not a good move as the glittery bits tend to stick around after the gloss is gone.

Applied with a light hand however, The Kiss leaves a subtle, shiny baby pink hue on my lips, smells like liquorice allsorts (yet doesn't taste like anything really) and applies smoothly and easily thanks to its 'whipped' texture.
Right: no flash; Left: with flash

The texture of the gloss makes it perfect for smooching on Valentine's Day, so long as your partner doesn't mind the risk of shimmery sparkling bits migrating onto their mouths.

All in all, while I generally like this product, I kind of wish they'd left out the sparkles and just sold it as a yummy gloss without the glitter factor!

The kiss is £5.50 at Lush stores across the UK and $8.95 in the US.

Have you picked this up too?

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Mid-Season Style Sorted

Mid-season style can be a tricky fashion to get right – it’s so easy to both over and underestimate what the weatherman tells us. It’s a tricky time for fashion for all involved, whether you’re looking for clothing online, trying to spy out a vintage piece in a charity shop or find a bargain on the high street, especially as new trends come in and previous season styles seem to fade...
So if you’ve been finding it difficult to dress as the season begins to change, fear no more as help is at hand. Here are some key tips on keeping fashion savvy between the seasons:
Invest in Coloured Jeans
Coloured jeans are a great way to look great whatever the weather. If you haven’t already got yourself a pair, it’s about high time you invested. They’re a brilliant way to add a splash of colour or a refreshing twist on an everyday outfit and are totally versatile too. Salmon pinks and mint greens will look great as we edge towards spring, and keep mustard yellows and berry shades for the autumnal months.
A Statement Blazer
Much in the same way as coloured jeans work to jazz up an outfit, a statement blazer can take any outfit from good to gorgeous. Shapely shoulder pads and sharp edging will create a subtly sophisticated look, so it’s the perfect outerwear for your work wardrobe.
Ankle Boots
Ankle boots are the perfect shoe for when the weather can’t make up its mind. Cosy enough to keep your tootsies warm when it is a little on the chilly side, yet on the flip side they’re not nearly as clunky or restrictive as knee high boots. Tan coloured or black leather work best here.
Layers of Loose fitting clothes
Another great way to cheat your way out of awkward mid-season fashion faux pas is to wear layers of loose fitting clothing – keep it simple on your bottom half, but on top think chiffon shirts and blouses that can be layered with a round neck knit and a statement scarf to finish things off. That way, you can unwrap as you see fit!
Styling yourself for mid-season is easy once you’ve mastered a few of the essentials!

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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Let's Hear It For The Boys - Some Of My Favourite Men's Fashion In London

When I came to London for six weeks over Christmas in 2008, one thing that particularly caught my eye was the impeccable way in which the men about town in Westminster dressed
I was lucky enough to be staying in Mayfair during my trip and my frequent pilgrimages to Oxford/ Bond Street meant that I walked past well-heeled-men-aplenty.

Perfectly buffed and shining Brogues with just the right amount of point to the toe, smart, patterned scarves sitting snugly around what I can only imagine were very nice smelling necks!
One particular image that's stuck in my mind to this day was a particularly dapper gentleman walking down the street nattering away on his Blackberry when a sudden gust of wind threw his suit jacket open revealing a bright red lining inside.
To me, this is the men's fashion I like the most- smart, clean, classic and grown up, but with a cheeky twist.
Vivienne Westwood £795 at www.flannelsfashion.com
Paul Smith London £595 www.flannelsfashion.com
Paul Smith London £145 www.flannelsfashion.com

 The above jackets are from Flannels Fashion - an online stockist of women's and men's designer clothes. At Flannels Fashion you can find pieces by Chloe, Burberry, Paul Smith, Dolce and Gabbana, Moschino Cheap and Chic, Ralph Lauren, Mulberry and much more.
Eddie Redmayne looks OK in Burberry...I guess :)
 The not-so-grown-up part of me admires a man with a bit of grunge going on - black skinnies, strategically ripped jeans and a little bit of chest hair is rarely a bad thing in my book.

These looks, on the other hand definitely are.
image- themirror.co.uk

image- themirror.co.uk
Thanks for reading!

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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Hair Adventures: Pantene Pro-V Deep Moisture Soufflé

Since bleaching my hair (again) in preparation for the reddish/ pinkish/ completely weird colour it is now, I've needed to pay extra attention in keeping things hydrated or risk walking around looking like a crazed retired clown who's tried to break into a dairy farm but been caught up in a highly electrified fence.

In other words, frizzled, frazzled hair is not a look I wear well, so when I spotted this can of sweet, moisturising promise I knew I simply had to give it a whirl.

Whoever came up with the name for this was spot on - and very good at marketing. Who wouldn't want to smoosh something that looks like that squirty cream in a can we all (I) spray into our mouths behind the fridge door when nobody's looking, into their hair?
I know I would, in fact I have and I can report that this stuff is as delectable as the name suggests.

One quick pump of this is all you need for a palmful of delightfully light, glossy soufflé that wouldn't look out of place on a dessert tasting plate.

You can use the soufflé on damp or dry hair - I've tried both and have found that it simply sinks into the hair leaving no sticky residue, greasiness or even excess weight.
My hair just feels softer and somewhat more shiny - a godsend for fried over-processed hair like mine that could do with a bit of love and affection.
Scent wise, it smells a lot like a Pantene shampoo so you could always fool everyone and use it to freshen up your hair between washes for a faux 'just shampooed' smell.

I picked up the coloured hair formula of the Deep Moisture Soufflé but you can also find the original formula at Boots, Superdrug and other haircare stockist for £4.49

I love the idea of a moisturiser for hair and I really think Pantene have outdone themselves with this. Have you tried the Deep Moisture Soufflé or a similar product? I'd love to try some other versions of this lovely concept.

Thanks for reading!

Super Indulgent Sjal Face Masks

I've recently had the pleasure of trying out two beautiful, ultra indulgent face masques from Sjal Skincare.
Sjal - a Swedish word meaning spirit, mind, heart and soul- is the brainchild of mother/ daughter duo Karen and Kristin Petrovich and is renowned for merging Eastern and Western beauty concepts and technologies.
Sjal products utilise the latest in scientific advances whilst maintaining a holistic approach to skincare using a unique combination of Ayurvedic, Chinese, Tibetan, Homeopathic and Vibrational medicinal elements that come together to create some truly luxurious products!

Pearl Enzyme Exfoliating Mask

I'm not joking (for once), this product is incredible. It's actually probably the only mask I've used recently where I've literally thought 'wow, that's actually done something' after I've wiped it off!
This mask contains two types of pearl - a 'micro pearl extract' for brightening and evening out skin tone and crushed pearl to gently polish the skin.
Fruit and vegetable enzymes including mushroom, pomegranate, pumpkin and papain (a component of papaya) provide a thorough yet gentle acidic exfoliation while royal jelly and fennel extracts go to work softening and nourishing the skin.
This is already a heck of a lot to get excited about but the really gorgeous thing about this mask is the fact that it contains derivatives of DIAMONDS, SAPHIRE, RUBY, AMETHYST, CITRINE and SMITHSONITE.
Sorry about the caps, but I think they're warranted in this case.
Now, what on Earth could diamonds and rubies have to do with skincare?
Well this is where the Vibrational Medicine aspect of Sjal comes into play - these gemstones are added to promote clarity and balance and bring vibrational energy to the skin!
That's a lot to fit into one pot but all of the components I've mentioned come together to create one surprisingly gentle but ultra effective face mask -  there was no tingling or discomfort while the mask was on and once I'd rinsed it away my face felt like I'd just had micro dermabrasion minus that stinging feeling.

Sjal Pearl Enzyme Exfoliating Mask retails at £110 for 60ml at Space NK.

Kashmir Saphir Perfecting Mask

This little pot of luxury was developed to calm and firm the skin as well as aid in minimising pores.
A variety of Chinese herbs, silk proteins and Blue Lotus extract combine to protect, soften and calm your face while a Copper peptide and 'DNA Booster' containing GOLD, SILVER and PLATINUM (there we go with the caps again) contribute to a firming and lifting effect.

Blue Sapphire, which is believed to stimulate the pituitary gland (which in turn increases melatonin production to combat aging) is the vibrational energy component of the Kashmir Saphir mask and is included to promote clarity and purity!
This mask also incorporates bio-chemical tissue salts into the mix which aid skin recovery after exposure to harsh elements including cold wind and sun.
The mask can be used after the Pearl Enzyme Exfoliating mask to leave skin soothed and smoothed with improved elasticity.
I found that the Kashmir mask is rather tingly when on the skin but afterwards my face felt refreshed and energized with zero discomfort/ reaction.

Sjal Kashmir Saphir Perfecting Mask is available at Look Fantastic for £112 for a 60ml jar.

This dynamic duo may be jaw-droppingly pricey but truth be told, a little bit of product goes an awful long way. I received small sample pots of each, used both twice and have barely made a dent.
Much like Creme de la Mer and La Prairie, Sjal face masks are investment pieces indeed but good ones at that!