Wednesday 6 February 2013

Hair Adventures: Pantene Pro-V Deep Moisture Soufflé

Since bleaching my hair (again) in preparation for the reddish/ pinkish/ completely weird colour it is now, I've needed to pay extra attention in keeping things hydrated or risk walking around looking like a crazed retired clown who's tried to break into a dairy farm but been caught up in a highly electrified fence.

In other words, frizzled, frazzled hair is not a look I wear well, so when I spotted this can of sweet, moisturising promise I knew I simply had to give it a whirl.

Whoever came up with the name for this was spot on - and very good at marketing. Who wouldn't want to smoosh something that looks like that squirty cream in a can we all (I) spray into our mouths behind the fridge door when nobody's looking, into their hair?
I know I would, in fact I have and I can report that this stuff is as delectable as the name suggests.

One quick pump of this is all you need for a palmful of delightfully light, glossy soufflé that wouldn't look out of place on a dessert tasting plate.

You can use the soufflé on damp or dry hair - I've tried both and have found that it simply sinks into the hair leaving no sticky residue, greasiness or even excess weight.
My hair just feels softer and somewhat more shiny - a godsend for fried over-processed hair like mine that could do with a bit of love and affection.
Scent wise, it smells a lot like a Pantene shampoo so you could always fool everyone and use it to freshen up your hair between washes for a faux 'just shampooed' smell.

I picked up the coloured hair formula of the Deep Moisture Soufflé but you can also find the original formula at Boots, Superdrug and other haircare stockist for £4.49

I love the idea of a moisturiser for hair and I really think Pantene have outdone themselves with this. Have you tried the Deep Moisture Soufflé or a similar product? I'd love to try some other versions of this lovely concept.

Thanks for reading!

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