Wednesday 13 February 2013

Have You Made It? - Guest Post

So, you’re sitting at your desk daydreaming while the phone rings and rings and email after email
lands in your inbox. Are you happy? Was this what you thought you’d amount to when those
childhood dreams were running through your head all those years ago? Or you’re sitting in your van,
thinking about cutting back on costs and sourcing cheap van insurance, while waiting to go into the
next job. Is this how you thought it would turn out?

So, what did you want to be when you were a kid? The Royal Institution last year released the top
ten children’s dream jobs (voted for by kids between 6 and 16). They are:

Professional Athlete
Secret Agent
Zoo Keeper

We had a quick chat in our office. Now let’s get things straight first – we love our jobs, but we’re
now a little bit off the mark when it comes to those childhood dreams.

Mark – “I wanted to be an ice cream man”

This was probably the weirdest one anyone came out with – but Mark is a pretty weird guy. But
good weird – you know what I mean? His hopes and dreams had nothing to do with bringing joy and
happiness to his local area. “I just wanted to have all the ice cream I could eat.” “I remember when
my mum laughed at me when I first said it, I didn’t talk to her for a week.”

Emma – “Dancer”

“I used to do everything, tap, dance, ballet; then I grew taller and started to fall over”.

Rahul – “I wanted to be a pilot. Obviously.”

Jonny – “Professional footballer”

So, this one is top of the list from the Royal Institution. At least professional athlete is anyway. But
what were the hopes and dreams when you were a kid. For Jonny it was “playing at Old Trafford and
scoring the winner at Wembley”. For kids these days it might be more along the lines of the Ferrari,
the house in Alderley Edge and the ‘why always me?’ t-shirt.
Let's hope not.

Katie – “stunt man”

Weird, but cool.

So, have you made it? Or has reality caught up with you?

*Guest Post

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