Saturday 3 December 2022

Piercing Aftercare Tips

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Getting a piercing is a great way of decorating your body with jewellery. Just like a tattoo, piercings are a great accessory for the body, but unlike a tattoo, you can switch them up!

Piercings can be a great expression of personality, so with that being said, it’s important to think about aftercare. Whether it’s a piercing you’ve gotten for the first time or you’re looking to add another to the body, then here are a few tips worth knowing when it comes to aftercare. This way, it can keep it healthy and clean for showing off to anyone and everyone you know. 

Use ice for any inflammation

Ice is a good option to have when it comes to the initial period after you’ve had the piercing. Some piercings tend to calm down after an hour, whereas there might be some that don’t for a few hours or more. Having a cold compress like an ice pack can be great for helping those who may be struggling with a bit of inflammation or feeling a bit of pain after the piercing.

Of course, not everyone’s tolerance levels for pain are the same, so it’s important to stay on top of that initial pain with a cold aid.

Refrain from removing the piercing

With any piercing, it’s wise not to remove the piercing. By removing the piercing, it could cause the wound to heal up in the short space of time the piercing comes out. The same can be said for potential infections and you don’t want either after just getting whatever body part it is, pierced.

Try to refrain from removing the piercing for the first few days to weeks of having the piercing. This should only be removed, should it be infected or you need to take it out for some other reason.

Avoid touching the piercing for a while

There are lots of piercing options that you can get from Piercing Mania but all those that you may choose will have to wait until you can remove the original piercing. When it comes to the piercing itself, you don’t want to be touching it too much. However, if it’s needed, be sure to touch it with clean hands only.

Use a cleansing wash or fragrance-free soap and water for cleaning

When it comes to getting a piercing, be sure to use a cleaning wash product that may have been given to you by your piercing specialist. Alternatively, fragrance-free soap and water for cleaning can be useful.

Look for signs of infection

At the end of the day, your health is important and no piercing is worth your health. Infections are pretty rare but they can happen. From the body having a reaction to the piercing itself, to bacteria infecting the area. Observe the piercing closely and make sure that you get assistance medically if it gets infected.

The aftercare of getting a piercing is important, so be sure to take care of any piercing you get.

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