Tuesday 24 July 2012

Skellingtons Handmade Day of the Dead Skull Jewellery

I have Twitter to thank for introducing me to the cute, unique and oh so quirky world of Skellingtons Handmade Day of the Dead Skull Jewellery. After perusing the brand's Asos Marketplace collection I was instantly hooked by the whole Skellingtons vibe.

Mr & Mrs Skull!
Skulls are massively popular on the high street at the moment, but Skellingtons jewellery is way ahead of the fashion pack as they offer up vibrant and playful custom made and one off pieces.
A Skellingtons adjustable bracelet with tassel

Inspired by Mexico's Day of the Dead celebrations, designer Bev Johnson creates rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more that add a little something special (and a tad spooky) to your outfit. 

Each piece is unique with intricate detailing
The pieces feature a gorgeous combination of skulls, beads, flowers and jewels to reflect the traditional decorations of the Mexican celebration.

The morbidly cute skull beads are formed from semi precious howlite (a 'stress relieving' stone for those interested in crystal healing) and each one is unique, so therefore no two pieces of Skellingtons jewellery is the same. Cool, yes?
A cheeky Skellingtons Phone Charm

With prices starting as low as £3.50, I recommend you click on over and grab a Skellingtons piece of your own!

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  1. Love the look of that! I'm really into those skulls! :)

  2. This is super cute! Definitely need one in my life! xx

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  3. I don't normally go for skulls, but the phone charm really caught my eye!

    Lea x


  4. Such a cute bracelet - much check this out. :)

  5. love that bracelet