Friday 2 December 2022

How We Can Help Our Children Make Wise Fashion Choices

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 When our children hit a certain age, this is when we, as parents, start to panic, especially when they hit their tween or teenage years. Fashion is a tricky subject for many mothers to talk to their children about, but adolescence is a time when our children need to explore. So how do you approach conversations about fashion, but also ensure that they can make wise fashion choices?

Know You Have the Final Say (but Don't Take Advantage of This

The most important thing we have to remember is that our children need to have the right to assert themselves, and this means finding things that help them feel comfortable in their own skin. A very good example is a piercing. Your child may come to you many times asking if they can have piercings, and they will use the trick that all of their friends have piercings, and while there are many earrings for kids on the market, you have the final say. But rather than you being a “no” machine, it's better that you both sit down and discuss this properly and you explain the reasons why. Another example is whether your child wants to wear a short skirt or not. It's all about helping them understand that there's a time and a place, especially when it comes to piercings. 

Going Shopping Together

This is a great way for you both to get to grips with both of your expectations. You may think that your child will want to wear certain items of clothing, but they will always completely surprise you! Going shopping together allows you to understand what type of clothes are actually suitable for your child based on their age, but also helps them to choose clothes wisely in a number of other ways. For example, things like budgeting, buying what they need, and thinking about the bigger picture. 

Avoid Labelling Your Child

When giving your child feedback about clothes they have chosen, you need to avoid judgemental or critical labels, for example, “unflattering.” Your feedback needs to stick to two simple things: function and form. For example, a functional comment would be if your child opted for a crop top but it is freezing cold outside. Because if you opt for a critical comment, they will take it personally, and this may spur them to rebel against your wishes

Think About Your Own Values

As a parent, you will have unconscious biases about clothing, and this is why it's helpful for you to understand your beliefs. It's not about how your child should or should not dress, but ensuring you question why you feel the way you do. This is a great way for you to start the conversation with your child, not just relating to their clothes choice, but in terms of the fashion world in general. It's the perfect opportunity to teach your child about choosing more ethical brands and avoiding fast fashion. 

The topic of making sensible fashion choices is a two-sided debate, and there will be times when you and your child clash over fashion choices, but you need to work with your child, not against them.

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