Saturday 20 March 2021

Skincity Moisture Glow Pads

Skincity has become one of my first stops when browsing for skincare. The fact that they offer free express delivery, no matter how much you spend, is a huge draw card for me, not to mention the free sample, tote bag and cute Kokeshi doll with every order!

Not only does Skincity stock a variety of respected beauty brands, inlcuding the likes of Paula's Choice, iS Clinical, SkinCeuticals and Oskia, they also sell their very own range and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t keen to try every one of their offerings. I have previously owned the Cooling Moisture Toner Stick, which is great for Summer, but they have a pretty extensive collection of skincare and tools to choose from. I've got an eye on the SPF50 stick (that's currently on offer) but for now I’ve shown restraint and just have the one item – the Skincity Moisture Glow Pads.

Skincity Moisture Glow Pads

I came across these while on the hunt for something quick to wake up my skin in the morning and the little pads tick all the boxes. Made from cellulose, the thin pads are soaked in an exfoliating PHA solution, with antioxidants inlcuded to protect, clarify and hydrate. Extracts of Algae and Purple Ginseng are in the mix to encourage collagen production, while a touch of Spearmint Oil instantly refreshes and cools.

I have been loving swiping a pad on my face and neck every morning - they have a pleasant tingling effect, with a real skin-awakening effect. Even though they are designed for use in the AM, the pads could be used any time that you feel your skin could do with a quick refresh. Just make sure to follow up with an SPF after your usual serums/ moisturisers when using during the day.

The Skincity Moisture Glow Pads are £20 for a tub of 50 - don't forget there's no charge for delivery. You can also choose the sample/bag/Kokeshi option at checkout or opt for minimal packaging with no sample and extras.

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