Thursday 8 April 2021

3 Fun Things To Do In London In Spring 2021

(collaborative post)

If like many people, you are counting down the days until we can safely venture out after lockdown, then you’ll know that a number of the social distancing and lockdown restrictions are about to ease here in the UK, and more specifically, in London. So, if you’re planning your life away ready for a super fun (and cautiously safe) Spring, then here are three more activities to add to your growing list.

1. Go For A Picnic

Why not go for a picnic with some friends to kickstart your Spring? With social distancing restrictions now allowing you to meet outside with up to five others, this is a great opportunity to catch up with loved ones and see those people who you’ve been missing throughout the pandemic. London boasts a great array of green open spaces despite its reputation as an urban giant. There’s Hyde Park, Regent’s Park - and even Kew Gardens in the South West. However, our favourite spot is at the top of Hamstead Heath where you can overlook the entire city from above. So, pack yourself a picnic, a bottle of bubbly, and head on over to your park of choice. Just remember, don’t forget to wear your sunscreen while you’re out and about this Spring!

2. Book A Spa Day

One of the things that we’ve been longing for over the past twelve months is the chance to go for a spa day. With COVID-19 restrictions meaning some of London’s best health clubs have had to close, it’ll be music to your ears to hear that they can reopen again from April 12th. This is a great way to unwind after a busy week of remote working or simply a great way to find time to catch up with a family member or friend. Equally, if you and your partner fancy doing something a bit different without having to leave the city, then booking a spa day for two can also be really beneficial. Our favourite spa in London has to be The Laboratory Spa & Health Club. If you’re keen to check it out too, then visit It’s incredible - honest!

3. Become A Tourist

So many people come and live in London for years of their lives, only to never really see any of the city’s great tourist attractions. Whilst it can often seem like more fun spending a weekend in the pub or at the park, seeing London like a tourist can help you to view the city with a fresh pair of eyes. We recommend starting by catching an Uber Boat from along the River Thames and making your way up to the Emirates Royal Docks where you can take a cable car that gives you some breathtaking views of the city. At 90 metres high, you can see for miles and truly appreciate London in a completely different way. The London Eye is also a brilliant way to experience London from a bird’s eye view and is a must in our opinion.

Have you got any Spring activities planned?

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