Saturday 6 March 2021

Fresh Kombucha Anti-Pollution Cleansing Treatment

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I’ll be honest, when I first saw that Fresh had brought out this no-rinse cleanser, I assumed off the bat that it was just another micellar water. It wasn’t until I read a review of the Kombucha Cleansing Treatment that I realised that it’s actually a lot more than just a quick cleanse.

The Fresh Kombucha Cleansing Treatment is sort of self-explanatory if you go by the name alone, and I should have noticed that Cleansing and Treatment are two words that you don’t often see together. The beauty of Fresh’s latest product is that it sweeps away makeup (including mascara), dirt, sunscreen and general grime but also leaves an undetectable layer of Prebiotic Inulin on the skin.

What is Prebiotic Inulin?

Prebiotic Inulin is a naturally occurring extract derived from the chicory root. In this case, it helps to keep the skin balanced as it ‘feeds’ the skin’s microbiome, which in turn increases the skin’s defences against aggressors such as pollution.

The addition of antioxidant Kombucha also helps to keep the skin clarified and refined while smoothing texture.

The first thing I noticed when using the treatment for the first time is just how inoffensive it is. I know that’s probably a bizarre way of describing a skincare product, but it’s true! It basically looks like water and feels like water on the skin and is so delicately fragranced that any scent is barely delectable. I was expecting the cucumber-esque aroma that many Fresh products have, but this really is virtually scentless. It also doesn’t seem to create a film on the skin of any sort and leaves it feeling soft and comfortable, not stripped in the slightest.

To use, you simply saturate a cotton pad (we know by now that reusable is the most eco-friendly option – have a look at some great ones that I use here) and sweep it gently over the face. Even though it can be used as an end-of-day makeup remover/ cleanser, I wouldn’t use it for this because not only am I very much a cleanse-with-a-flannel type person in the evening, but if I was wearing makeup or SPF I would be washing my face twice. I wouldn’t want to use it as a first cleanse/ makeup remover then rinse away the goodness of the Prebiotic Inulin. With that said, I have been loving using this treatment in the morning to cleanse and refresh my skin. If you are someone who usually makes do with cleansing wipes, micellars and no-rinse cleansers, then this is just as convenient but with the added bonus of the Prebiotic Inulin, so you’re treating the skin as well as cleansing it.

The treatment comes in two sizes - 75ml (£19) and 200ml (£36). The Fresh Kombucha Anti-Pollution Cleansing Treatment is available from Fresh, Cult Beauty and Space NK.

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