Friday 5 June 2020

Nourish London Lemon & Black Pepper Hand Wash and Hand Sanitiser Spray

(Gifted Item) For the past few months, hand hygiene has become a pretty big deal. I'm almost certain most of us haven't paid quite this much attention to the simple act of hand washing before! After months of being extra dilligent and taking more time than ever to soap up and rinse off , it's nice to treat my hands to something a little bit luxurious, in the form of Nourish London's new Lemon & Pepper collection.
Nourish's Founder, Dr Pauline Hili (a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry) developed two new products - a hand wash and sanitiser spray - in response to the current need for safe and effective hand hygiene products that are also kind to the skin.

Nourish London Lemon and Black Pepper Hand Sanitiser Spray and Hand Wash

Dr Hili says: At the moment, we are living in very unprecedent times, I have been developing and formulating skincare products for over 30 years and having completed a PhD in the antimicrobial properties of essential oils, I felt some of the knowledge gained in this research could have some application to the specific products - particularly the hand wash and sanitiser. We are a London based manufacturing company and having the ability and knowledge to make things during these times is vital. We want to play our role, however small, in supporting our community and our customers to bring ease wherever we can.

Nourish London Lemon & Black Pepper Hand Wash 300ml £12

This beautiful smelling hand wash is made with 100% natural plant-based cleansers (Potassium Oleate and Potassium Cocoate) and has been lab tested to kill 99.9% of bacteria. Ho Leaf Oil is blended with Lemon Peel Oil and Black Pepper Seed Oil - which are all naturally antibacterial- to create a fresh, invigorating scent that takes hand washing to another level.
You only need a small pump of the gentle handwash to work up a satisfying lather and the lemon and black pepper scent lingers once you've rinsed. We're keeping our bottle at the kitchen sink at the moment because I cook with garlic a lot and find that this handwash is great for counteracting stinky garlic hands.

Nourish London Lemon & Black Pepper Hand Sanitiser Spray 100ml £9.50

We've got a couple of bottles of hand sanitising gels, which do the job just fine but there is something very nice about this spray. It leaves hands subtly scented with the antibacterial, fragrant blend of Ho Leaf, Lemon Peel and Black Pepper Seed Oils and contains 65% Alcohol Denat to sanitise. The pump bottle packaging of this is so convenient - you can also use it to sanitise door knobs, hard surfaces and even your phone (just make sure to spray onto a cloth and then wipe down your phone with it if you do this). The liquid formula dries very quickly, leaving hands clean and refreshed, with none of the initial stickyness you get with hand gels. The sanitiser spray is also really simple to use on my 3 year old - much less wrangling involved and no funny texture for him to get irritated about. I'm pretty sure that I will purchase this spray once my sample starts running out.

If you're in the market for something to make your hand hygiene routines a bit more luxe, I'd really recommend you check out these two new products from Nourish London.

*To help customers stay safe, Nourish are currently including a free face mask with every order.

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