Tuesday 12 May 2020

Beauty Peak Hair

(Gifted Item) Not long after I had my son, I noticed that I was losing a lot more hair than usual. By the time he was six months old, I was practically leaving a trail of hair everywhere I went. Our drains were getting clogged, I was waking up with a lot of hair on my pillow (that was no longer attached to my head) and I developed bald patches over my temples. I know that post partum hair loss is completely normal but that doesn't make it fun. It also doesn't mean you can't try a few things to support hair growth and try to have your hair looking like it's old self again. This is where Beauty Peak Hair comes in.

Beauty Peak Hair Capsules

Founded by Pharmacist Amr Mosa and Emilia Lipinska (an Occupational Therapist with Nutrition qualifications), Beauty Peak capsules are designed to improve hair growth and quality and, while beneficial for everyone, are perfect for women experiencing post partum hair loss. In fact, they were created because Emilia experienced excessive hair loss post-pregnancy, so with her husband Amr, set out to create their own nutritional food supplement to help with the shedding and thinning.
Each capsule contains 26 active ingredients to support the hair and you simply take 2 a day (with food) and that's it.
While the capsule is vegetarian, the product itself is not, as it does contain fish collagen.
Biotin is a vitamin well known for contributing to healthy hair, skin and nails, so it features in the capsules too, along with Selenium and Zinc which also aid in maintaining healthy hair. 

MSM, Hyaluronic Acid, Co Enzyme Q10, Grape Seed Extract and Amino Acids are also in the mix to support growth and hair health, while the addition of Copper contributes to normal hair pigmentation.
It's worth mentioning that Beauty Peak capsules contain Vitamin A, so if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it's advised that you consult your GP before taking them.

Beauty Peak Hair Capsules

So, you should take two capsules every day, for a minimum of three months to see results but Beauty Peak recommend to take the two capsules for six months, then take one a day for a few months thereafter. They suggest that if the hair shedding continues, you should visit your GP to see if there is an underlying issue causing the shedding.

My son recently turned 3 and my bald patches cleared up, for the most part, about a year ago now. So I've mainly been trying the capsules to improve the general health and look of my hair and slow down the rate that my hair sheds. That said, I have noticed some new 'tufts' growing just below my temples, which could well be down to the supplements! I have had a two month supply of Beauty Peak so don't have the full program, but I would say my hair condition overall has improved and there has been less shedding. I'm growing out a pixie cut at the moment and I've got a short bob/lockdown mullet thing going on right now, so wish I'd tried these when my hair was long when the slow down in hair shedding would probably be more obvious. On top of the hair-supporting ingredients, the capsules also contain Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and Folic Acid, so they're a bit like a multivitamin with extra beauty super powers! 

Beauty Peak already has rave reviews - you can find these on their website- and it seems to have a lot of fans among mum's with young babies and anyone wanting to help out their hair a little. You can read more about the brand and the product at Vitopia.
A one month supply of the capsules is £19.99 or £17.99 per month if you subscribe. There are also bundles available.

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