Saturday 4 May 2019

Lotil - An Incredibly Affordable Moisturiser for Summer-Ready Skin

[ad/gifted] The sun is just starting to make an appearance here in England and for many of us that means we're dusting off our warm-weather wardrobes in hope of another long hot British Summer.
I've just started preparing my limbs for their 2019 debut, which is a process that involves a bit of exfoliation, a little waxing and a whole lot of moisturiser.
The moisturising bit is where *Lotil comes in.
A close up image of a tub of Lotil Moisturising Cream

The cream seems to have 5 star reviews across this board so of course I was keen to try it for myself!
Lotil is an intense multi-use cream that can be used to soften, re-hydrate, smooth and cleanse the skin and best of all, it's incredibly affordable at £6.29 for a generous 114ml tub.

The rich cream contains glycerin and lanolin to moisturise and protect and has a very light scent which reminds me a bit of almonds.
 a tub of Lotil Moisturising Cream
This is one of those products you'd keep in the bathroom cabinet for the whole family to use for a host of issues; whether that's to deliver a hit of intense moisture, soothe the skin after shaving or gently cleanse for those with exceptionally sensitive skin.

I'm currently using Lotil on my hands because they've been suffering lately and are particularly dry (having a toddler means A LOT of hand washing) and find that it absorbs well and sufficiently soothes. I also slathered it on my legs after shaving and it caused no irritation and once again absorbed beautifully. I'm going to be waxing my legs in the next few days and I'll be using the Lotil to soothe the skin afterwards and see how it fares - I have high hopes because my skin has the tendency to get pretty angry after a wax!

Lotil is available in a range of different sizes but you can find the 114ml tub at Boots.


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