Monday 8 April 2019

Rediscovering Palmer's Cocoa Butter

[AD/Gifted] Somehow, Easter is just a few days away and for many of us that means a vast amount of chocolate is about to be consumed. If you're a regular reader of this blog you'll probably already know that I don't just have a sweet tooth - I'm a huge lover of gourmand beauty products too. Sometimes it's good to revisit an original and Palmer's Cocoa Butter is pretty much the OG of sweetly scented beauty products.
a collection of Palmer's Cocoa Butter products

I think the last time I regularly used something by Palmer's was when I was pregnant; I had the stretch mark lotion which I applied at least once a day (true story) from the start of the 2nd trimester right through to delivery day. I couldn't honestly say if it was down to my religious use of the lotion or not but I ended up with precisely zero visible stretch marks on my belly (boobs are a slightly different story I might add). Either way, the ritual of massaging the lotion onto my growing belly every day was therapeutic and it kept my skin suitably moisturised and supple.

I'm currently rediscovering a few items from Palmer's and experiencing a few for the first time, so let's get stuck in and have a look at a few bits that are satisfying my sweet tooth this Easter.

*Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion

Perhaps the most well known and widely used Palmer's product, the body lotion is loved for its fast absorption and smoothing, moisturising formula. The rich lotion is packed with cocoa butter, an effective natural moisturiser ideal for relieving dry, rough skin and Vitamin E, an antioxidant which aids in improving the overall tone of the skin and can help to improve the appearance of stretch marks and scars. Best of all, the lotion leaves skin smelling sweet and chocolatey. Perfect for adding glow to sun-kissed skin. If you're not so keen on smelling like a dessert, there is also a fragrance free version available.

*Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Original Solid Formula Jar

This solid formula is more concentrated and intense than the lotion and melts on contact with the skin. Ideal for really dry bits (knees, elbows, ankles and heels) or an intense overnight treatment, the solid formula has cocoa butter as the first ingredient on the inci list (meaning it's the main ingredient in the product) and is also brilliant for adding a nice sheen to (faux) tanned skin.I hadn't tried the solid formula before now but I can say that the jar will last a very, very long time as this formula is mega rich.
a close up shot of Palmer's Cocoa Butter Solid Formula

*Palmer's Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Body Lotion

I don't need to tell you that the safest tan is a fake one, and the Natural Bronze gradual tanner is a good option if you want a faux glow with the added benefits of cocoa butter. The formula uses DHA to deliver the fake glow and contains added Vitamin E. I used the gradual tanner years ago, so the formula may have changed, but I remember being a bit put off by the lack of guide colour. I loved the bronze shade that resulted but I would recommend to blend, blend, then blend some more when applying this so you end up with an even glow and not patchy bits. I'm looking forward to revisiting this in the coming months when the coats are put away and the legs come out.

*Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Original Ultra Moisturising Lip Balm with SPF 15

Lip balms with added sun protection are always a good idea so I was really pleased to receive this. The formula is a solid, twist up stick form that melts on contact with lips and leaves a nice sheen and subtle chocolate scent. On the lips it feels very, very moisturising and is ideal to treat and protect chapped, wind-burned, cracked and uncomfortable lips. I imagine this balm would be perfect to prime the lips before applying lipstick and is perfectly unisex too as it doesn't make things too shiny (only talking to dudes who deliberately shy away from a shiny lip look by the way).
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

*Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Concentrated Cream

The first word I took notice of on this tube was 'Hands' so I've been using it as a nightly hand cream by default. It wasn't actually until I started writing this post that I noticed it's not actually a dedicated hand cream, but rather a multi-purpose cream that fits somewhere between the body lotion and solid formula in terms of texture and viscosity. Like the aforementioned, the cream can be used anywhere that needs it but I can vouch that it's excellent as a night time hand cream, though it does absorb quickly enough for day time use too. The compact handbag sized tube makes it a perfect option for travelling/ stashing in your desk drawer.

*Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Moisture Rich Shampoo

I'd seen Palmer's hair products on the shelves but it never occurred to me to actually try them before because I assumed that they would be too heavy for my hair. However, I tried the Moisture Rich Shampoo and Restoring Conditioner (more on that below) together the other night and am pleased to report that my hair was left feeling clean, light and smelling beautiful.
The cocoa butter shampoo features Mongongo Oil (derived from the nuts of the Mongongo tree) which is naturally high in polyunsaturated fatty acids which form a protective layer on the hair shaft and help to prevent moisture loss. The shampoo also contains Peppermint Oil which soothes the scalp and adds a refreshing tingle, making the shampoo perfect for the warmer months when that tingly, refreshing feeling is particularly welcome. The peppermint oil combined with the cocoa butter gives the shampoo a chocolate mint fragrance, so if you fancy having hair that smells a bit like an After Eight, this is the shampoo for you.
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Shampoo and Conditioner

*Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Restoring Conditioner

Featuring the same chocolate mint scent as the shampoo, the Restoring Conditioner is designed to moisturise, soften and detangle the hair. For fine hair, it's recommended the conditioner is used primarily on the ends and for more coarse hair, you can take it to the scalp and really smother it on. I did the latter as my hair is quite thick and left it on for a few mins (it's recommended you leave it be for up to 6 minutes) before rinsing. The conditioner rinsed away easily and once dried, it didn't feel weighed down or oily - just healthy, shiny and light. Just like the shampoo, the peppermint oil in the conditioned makes it a refreshing, tingly option ideal for warmer weather.

*Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturizing Hair Oil

A great complementary product for the shampoo and conditioner, the hair oil is designed to instantly add moisture to the hair and scalp. Formulated with cocoa butter, mongogo and peppermint oils, the hair oil comes in a spray on form, which I personally love because it means you don't have to get the product on your hands if you're in a hurry/ about to do your skincare. The hair oil is lightweight yet very moisturising, so perfect if you want to add a bit of shine or smooth any frizz. It can also be spayed directly onto the scalp to relive itchiness and tightness. To finish, it smells like mint chocolates too!

Palmer's is such an iconic and well loved brand so I'm really pleased to be rediscovering some of their products. The general chocolatey-ness of the hair and body products is so perfect for this time of the year when chocolate is on my mind (more than ever) and my skin needs a little extra TLC after winter. Is there a brand you're revisiting at the moment? Will you be indulging in Palmer's Cocoa Butter this Easter or do you prefer chocolate treats of the edible kind? Let me know in the comments.
You can find Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula at loads of retailers but it's always worth checking Boots for special offers.
Read more about Palmer's products on their website.

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