Sunday 24 March 2019

Facialology at Vaishaly

[Gifted] Vaishaly in Marylebone is an award winning clinic owned by Superfacialist Vaishaly Patel. A favourite among celebs and those serious about their skincare, the clinic offers a range of services including massage, hair removal, micro blading and of course, facials. The luxury clinic has recently debuted a brand new treatment dubbed Facialology, so a few weeks back I went along to visit the clinic and experience the facial myself. The Facialology treatment combines the signature Vaishaly facial with reflexology, creating an hour long treatment that produces results and feels suitably pampering all at once. Before this treatment I had never been to Vaishaly before but I can confidently say that after this first impression I'd definitely recommend a visit to this clinic. On arrival I was given a very warm welcome at reception and shown to the waiting area with a patient questionnaire to fill out. My Therapist came in and collected me in good time and took me down some stairs to one of the treatment rooms. Vaishaly is an impressively pristine and quite deceptively large clinic (a bit like the TARDIS - it looks quite modest from the street) and has numerous treatment rooms, a couple of bathrooms and what looked like a little make up station with a lit mirror so you can touch up post-facial.
The reception area at Vaishaly

Before getting started, my facialist explained what the treatment included and the order that she would be doing things. First of all she would begin the Signature Facial with extractions. I was warned that these could be a little uncomfortable but this part really didn't bother me. She somehow managed to perform the extractions incredibly gently but definitely effectively as my pores were left impressively clean. After a cleanse, the therapist performed microdermabrasion, which I was really looking forward to as it's a treatment I've not had in years. I remembered my microdermabrasion experiences of the past as being quite an intense experience but this was actually quite relaxing, which was a happy surprise.
In case you've never had microdermabrasion, it's an effective exfoliating process that uses either fine crystals or a vacuum type tool to lift off dead skin cells. The type I had was the latter and it just felt like light suction on each area of my face as the therapist got to work.
After the microdermabrasion, a high frequency treatment began using a multi-functional tool (like a wand) that dries and shrinks the pores while killing off any bacteria on the skin - particularly important after the extractions. A glorious facial massage followed using the signature Vaishaly technique, which involves kneading and cupping the face (and the neck and shoulders) to release stress and tension and promote blood flow. It was absolutely lovely and probably my favourite part of the treatment, for obvious reasons!
Following the facial massage, a hydrating mask was applied and it was time for my therapist to get to work on my feet. I was slightly nervous about this part because I am quite ticklish when it comes to my soles! I needn't have worried though because not only was I too blissed-out to be concerned about virtually anything, the therapist performed the reflexology using a nourishing almond and lavender oil with incredible finesse. I am a great believer in holistic therapies and reflexology has always interested me. The idea is that reflex points on each foot relate to specific organs and glands in the body and that stimulating these points can restore unbalanced energy levels and combat a variety of health and skin issues. I really enjoyed the reflexology part of the treatment and think it complemented the signature facial brilliantly, making it an all-round beautiful experience.
The facial mask was removed and my soles were refreshed with a hot flannel for the perfect finish to the treatment before I was left to gather myself and come back down to earth ready to face the streets of London.
The Facialology treatment was created by Vaishaly as an effective two-in-one experience for busy people who are short on time (pretty much everyone) who want a little bit more than just a facial alone. I obviously carefully inspected my complexion immediately afterwards and loved the effect - dewy, refreshed and plumped up skin. I even skipped reapplying tinted moisturiser and went to an event a few hours later without makeup and if that's not testament enough to how happy I was with the results, I don't know what is.
The treatment runs for 55 minutes (including the 15 minutes of reflexology) and costs £120.
If you've got a bit more time to spare, you can opt for an 85 minute session which includes 40 minutes of reflexology for £170.
For more information visit or call Vaishaly Clinic at 020 7224 6088.
You can visit the clinic at:
51 Paddington Street

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