Wednesday 23 January 2013

Hair Adventures: feat. Creative Image Adore

I'm at my man friend's place tonight so I'm restricted to posting from the trusty iPhone.
I just wanted to write a quick update about my red hair dye adventures, the latest being a semi-permanent colour by Creative Image Adore in Crimson.
I picked two little bottles of this stuff up from a hair extensions and wigs shop on Uxbridge road for £3.45 each.
It turns out I only needed one bottle so I've now got a spare ready for when this inevitably rinses out in the next few weeks.
To use this colour, I shampooed and towel dried my hair (no conditioner!) spread the very runny formula through my hair, wrapped my head in plastic, blasted it with a hair dryer for a few minutes, vacuumed the flat, had a cup of tea then jumped in the shower to wash it out
(Development time for Creative Image Adore is 30 mins).
After successfully dying my bathtub pink, I emerged from the ordeal looking like this:
*stock photo of the Creative Image Adore range from
Thanks for reading!


  1. i love it! my red is looking a bit sad and sorry for itself, may have to buy this & give it a whir!

  2. You look STUNNING! I wish I had lighter skin so I could pull this off.. Boo!

    1. You could totally pull it off! Have faith! ;) xx