Thursday 24 January 2013

Flowers- They're Not Just a Pretty Face

When you’re walking down the street admiring the flora and fauna that surrounds you, little do you think about the hidden powers that plants have to heal our many ailments. Sweetly swaying in our front gardens, these innocent little organisms continue to go unnoticed in their ability to save lives. Well, that might be a slight exaggeration, but it’s true; many of nature’s beauties do have magical elements that often get overlooked. Did you know that the dandelion, that seemingly unimportant weed, is considered as a good source of vitamins? Who’d have thought it! Our environment’s just full of surprises, so we wanted to check out which of our favourite flowers have been helping the nation for years.


Like little bundles of sunshine, this burst of yellow is enough to bring any greenery to life. Reaching high into the sky for the entire world to see how pretty they are, it’s no wonder why Van Gough chose to paint them. However, it’s key to remember that sunflower seeds also contain a lot of important health essentials, such as vitamin E and magnesium; a combination that can both improve your skin and calm your nerves. But that’s not all! Much of the sunflower family have beneficial qualities, such as arnicas, which are used for their ability to help wounds heal. (There are arnica creams and tablets available for you to buy).


Famous for its calming effect and assistance in providing a good night’s sleep, lavender is a scent which is both recognised and loved by many. But why? For years this flower has been popular with the masses, dating back as far as 2500 years ago when the Egyptian’s would use it for perfume... and mummification. However, nowadays it’s mostly appreciated for its relaxing qualities. Suffer from insomnia? Then a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow is said to do the trick, helping to ward off any pesky stress and anxiety.


Roses are a very symbolic flower. They connote love, passion and beauty, something which the old romantic in British culture seems to embrace. Although, the truth is, that the significance of this emblem of l’amour does extend beyond its physical appearance. Rose oil is also known for its endless healing properties. From its use as an anti- depressant and ability to fight off infection, to the effect it has on dry and sensitive skin, rose oil is certainly a remedy that shouldn’t be ignored.  

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