Wednesday 23 January 2013

Top Trends for 2013 - Guest Post from Matalan

No doubt 2013 will see the emergence of an amazing number of trends that many people never expected to see, in a great variety of areas likely including those of tablet computers, children's toys, chocolate treats and ladies clothes or ladies coats. Ultimately, there are far too many trends that we consider likely to occur in 2013 for us to list here - and you might not agree with all of our choices for likely trends in 2013 anyway. However, below is just a brief list of what we reckon you could become suddenly very interested in this year...

Small beer

About a decade ago, Gordon Brown - as Chancellor of the Exchequer - gave tax breaks to breweries below a particular size. As a result, dozens of small breweries have been set up, to the extent that Britain now has as many breweries as it did about 70 years ago. Many small breweries have been used to brew what have been dubbed 'craft beers', which have been said to have more flavour and character and increased complexity and structure.

African prints

Many homes could soon be adorned with the bright and busy patterns of western Africa. Though such patterns are currently used only rarely in homes, it is thought that they, along with bright and bold colours in general, could become part of a much more mainstream trend during 2013. So you could soon expect visiting other people's homes to be a literally rather more colourful experience.

Budget cars

If you have long wanted to buy a car but seem to lack enough cash to do so, then you might be interested in knowing that the Dacia Sandero car will be going on sale in the UK in February and will be the cheapest car on the market. It has obviously become popular worldwide, as Dacia cars now account for 10% of all Romanian exports. You will be able to buy a white model for a mere £5,995, while other models will be only slightly pricier.

Pressure cooking

Although pressure cookers were popular in the 1970s, they soon declined in popularity. However, they could soon be making a comeback - as, a few years ago, chef Catherine Phipps saw her sister-in-law create a meal of black beans with sausages in only half an hour, and the chef has recently published The Pressure Cooker Cookbook, which reveals how dishes that once needed only hours of stirring can now take only minutes.

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