Monday 3 July 2023

B'Kate Brow Dip


I've written about B'Kate brow products before (you can read that post here) and today I'm revisiting the vegan beauty brand to show you a new brow product. B'Kate Brow Dip is a pomade designed to shape, define and shade the brows and I've been really enjoying testing it out.

First and foremost I have to say that this stuff stays put! If you live here in the UK you've probably noticed the rather sweaty weather we've been having, which has given me a great opportunity to truly test the staying power of the Brow Dip. From application at 8am through to my return home at 8:45pm, via quite a lot of walking in the sun and one very sweaty tube train, my brows remained intact. In fact, they only budged when I used a balm cleanser, during which the formula rinsed away beautifully with minimal effort. See, I love a stay-put product but I equally detest beauty formulas that are hard work to remove. You know how there are some mascaras that stay on all day but then also refuse to leave your lashes when you actually want them to? That. This, in my opinion is therefore perfect - it stays on when you want it to but then comes off when you want it to as well.

I've used the Brow Dip with the B'Kate Angled Brush and a spoolie brush, and both methods work for me, though I do prefer using the spoolie. I have bushy brows, so even though the angled brush is easy to work with, I like to comb product through my brows, therefore a spoolie is my first choice.

The pomade is soft and creamy, not dry or cakey. |It's worth mentioning that a little goes a very, very long way too so be sure to use a light hand when trying it out.

I chose the shade Ash Brown, which is always my go-to colour when choosing brow products and this one is no exception. It's extremely richly pigmented so you need to use a light hand when picking up the product on your brush or spoolie. That said, if you overdo it, the product is easily wiped away before it sets.

The B'Kate Brow Dip is £12.80 and Angled Brush is £8.95 at Everlasting Atelier.

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