Sunday 6 November 2022

Things to Know Before Going Blonde

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It's a significant decision to go blonde. The best method to determine whether you will enjoy life as a blonde is to speak with a professional, as opposed to ruminating over a box of bleach in the grocery store. You'll determine not just the colour that will look best on you, but also how much upkeep your particular hair type will demand from the colour or if you want to have ombre. No one solution fits all. It's not always simple to find the blonde who suits you, and sadly there are no easy ways to tell if it will. 

Your eye colour and skin tone are important considerations when choosing a hair colour, whether it be light or dark. Everything else depends on your colouring and preferences. So to put it simply, going blonde on a whim isn’t a good idea, there are a lot of things to consider and know beforehand. Even if you still want to, it's best to research first. 

It won't be a quick change

Particularly if you're moving from dark brown to light blonde, drastically changing your hair's colour might cause serious harm to it. Your hair runs the danger of breaking and developing split ends if the lightning process is sped up. Big transformations require patience and time. Instead, let a professional colourist take your hair on a journey by gradually lightening it over several visits until it reaches the desired shade of blonde. Each treatment should be spaced around two weeks apart to give your hair time to replenish and strengthen. Healthy blonde hair can be achieved in two to six sessions, depending on your hair type and previous hair colouring experiences.

It needs a lot of maintenance 

Maintaining a full-blonde hair colour is very labour-intensive. It is advised to schedule appointments every 6 to 8 weeks for trimming and fixing split ends as well as maintaining your hair's colour. In addition to salon appointments, a sound home care routine is essential! Investing in salon-quality products will help you achieve longer-lasting results and maintain the health and colour of your hair. Being blonde requires a lot of work. Oh, and the price is also high.

Be prepared to change your makeup and brows

Your face is framed by the hue of your hair. Your existing lipstick colour will most likely need to be changed if you go blonde. After your blonde session, go to a nearby make-up counter and ask a stranger who has never seen you before for some makeup advice. If you want your brows to match too then you may also want to have blonde eyebrows

Damage to your hair is likely

Bleach is the most harmful colouring procedure and should always be applied carefully and gradually. Bleaching the scalp excessively or repeatedly might dry out the hair and harm the follicle. The hair may break at the weakest spot along the hair shaft or fall out completely as a result of this. Try using a toner first before using bleach if you want to maintain the health of your hair.

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