Monday 21 November 2022

Giving The Gift Of A Little Self-Care To A Loved One

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 Feel like someone in your life could stand to use a little more self-care? Have they been having a tough time lately, or are they dealing with stress? Or perhaps they have been talking about living more mindfully and with wellness as a focus? Whatever the case, these self-care gifts could be the perfect thing for the festive season.

A spa day

One of the classic 'experience' gifts, showing that your gift doesn’t have to be something they can physically hold. Great memories and experiences work just as well. A nice day out at the local spa can help them feel refreshed and be on the receiving end of a little pampering. Of course, you can partner it with a day out at lunch together to really help them feel spoiled.

A little calm to help them through the day

If your loved one is always on the move and always busy, then it’s pretty easy to assume that this comes with some stress. As such, encouraging them to take a load off with a calm and soothe giftset, including things like a calming candle, soothing moisturiser and the like can show them that you care for them. It can also help them ease away the stresses of the day when they need it the most.

Go get madeover together

Sometimes, a nice day out at the salon can be just as effective at helping us feel good about ourselves as the spa can. Of course, you don’t want it to look like you’re trying to say that your loved one is in need of a makeover or a new hairstyle. As such, making it a gift that you both enjoy together can highlight the positive intentions behind it and can make for an excellent day out together, as well.

The gift of mindfulness

If your loved one has always talked about wanting to try mindfulness or has been trying to get into meditation, then you can help them on that journey as well. Apps like Headspace which use subscriptions can be purchased as a gift card, allowing them to redeem and improve their own wellness journey. You can remove the barriers that might be keeping them from living a more well-rounded life.

Write about it

Journaling is another practice that’s widely been acknowledged as being quite beneficial for one’s mental health and for unlocking the habit of mindfulness. As such, a journaling kit can be quite a thoughtful gift. It’s a nice way to encourage someone to try and get in touch with themselves more, but it also doubles as a nice bit of stationery, which is something that a lot of people have a quiet fondness for.

While self-care is the goal, choosing any of the gifts above is sure to show much you care about the recipient as well. Just make sure that they will be comfortable with the gift that you choose and that it’s received in the best of spirits.

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