Tuesday 11 October 2022

Everlasting Brows Highlighter and Concealer Duo

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 Everlasting Brows have launched a new Highlighter and Concealer Duo that I have to say is quite a handy little product. The double-ended pencil duo is currently available in two shades – Gold Shimmer & Light Concealer and Gold Shimmer & Medium Concealer – and is designed to be a must have, multifunctional product for beauty on the move.

It's worth mentioning that Everlasting Brows is a company that specialises in professional Microblading and Permanent Makeup products and courses, so they know what they're doing when it comes to professional-standard products. The Highlighter and Concealer Duo was even created for artists to use to enhance their 'after' photos of clients!

Now that the world has sort of opened up again, travel-friendly, handbag-perfect and multitasking products are more relevant than ever and the Everlasting Brows Highlighter and Concealer Duo is no exception.

I have the Gold Shimmer & Medium Concealer variation and, having had a good play with it, can confirm that it’s a handy little stick! Not only does it take up virtually no space, but it’s convenient and the formula of both the shimmer and concealer are quite nice.

I’ve tried the concealer on minor blemishes and under the eyes and found that, once blended, it leaves a pretty traceless finish. At first I thought it might go a bit powdery but in reality it sort of disappears into the skin and just evens out the colour. I found the best way to use it is to either ‘draw’ on my fingertip and press it on, or apply directly from the pencil, wait for my natural body heat to warm it up a little and then pat it gently with a finger to blend. I haven’t noticed any major creasing or oxidation, which is a bonus.

The gold shimmer is shimmery indeed, but not in a chunky, glittery way. Once this blends out it creates that gorgeous ‘wet look’ on the skin. Like a healthy sheen or glow. As is the case with the concealer, the shimmer is designed to be used anywhere and everywhere – I’ve used it in the corners of my eyes to brighten and high on cheekbones to highlight and add a bit of a dewy glow. Everlasting Brows also recommend using the shimmer to accentuate brow bones but as someone with hooded eyes I tend to avoid highlight in this area.

The Everlasting Brows Highlighter and Concealer Duo is available right now for £7.95 from Everlasting Brows.

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