Tuesday 23 November 2021

THE Guide to Picking Your Winter Moisturizer

(Guest Post) 

The colder temperatures have officially arrived and it is time to switch up your moisturizer if you haven’t done that already. If your skin is feeling extra dry to the touch and/or becoming a bit flaky, you have to get a heavier cream for the winter season to get ahead of further irritation...but the question is: which texture best suits you and your skin? It can be hard to choose the right product for your unique skin type, so here is your guide to picking your winter moisturizer:

Guide to Picking Your Winter Moisturizer

Basic moisturizers

Basic moisturizers for the wintertime are easily accessible, as you can find them at any chemist or food market. While they aren’t packed with extra ingredients that will give your skin an extra boost, they do the job! And another major benefit for the winter especially when you are probably using way more moisturizer than you are used to, is that basic moisturizers are the most budget-friendly.

Active creams

Some argue that active creams are the best types of moisturizers! For example, products like the Blue Lagoon moisturizers for body skin, are thick in texture and while your skin is able to absorb all of the incredible ingredients, it is also left feeling and looking incredible. If you are struggling with significant dryness or really want that boost for a specific occasion, for example, using an active cream for even just a couple of days can allow you to feel a difference! 


Ideal for those who have more oily skin, generally more water based. If you have more oily skin, using a heavy-duty winter cream can cause your skin to be more-oily and just not feel its best. Gel moisturizers, on the other hand, are generally more water-based and better absorbed for this skin type. They help to nourish the skin but don’t add that slick feeling that some active creams and intense moisturizers can.

Moisturizers with targeted ingredients to help treat your skin

If you are dealing with specific skin issues or even just finding that your skin could use from a little boost of something in particular, using a moisturizer with targeted ingredients can be just what your skincare routine needs. If your skin is lacking in hydration for example, after washing your face and while your skin is still damp apply a cream with hyaluronic acid to help your skin maintain water levels and hydration. If you live in a city and find your skin could use a little extra protection and/or vibrance, opt for a moisturizer with antioxidants to help protect and boost your skin. It is never easy to find the perfect winter cream and it may take some trial and error. Before buying, try to see if you can get samples or inquire about their return policy so that you can make sure a product really works for you before being stuck with the investment. Stay in tune with your skin because even throughout the winter season, your skin’s needs may chan

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