Tuesday 16 November 2021

Estee Lauder Wake Up Balm

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The Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme + Global Anti-Ageing Wake Up Balm has been on my to-try list for literal years and it finally became mine on my birthday a few months ago. And you know what? I've used it almost every day since.

It was Ruth Crilly who actually convinced me I needed this product. Ruth's review when the Wake Up Balm first hit the shelves made it sound like this one product that lives up to its name and I have to agree. 

I am currently a walking mum cliché and having a 13 week old and a 4 year old means that most days I look as knackered as I feel. So something that goes on like a moisturiser/primer, can be applied without the need for a mirror (often on the go) and works instantly is something I can definitely get on board with.

Minimal effort and maximum payoff is what this product is all about and I am here for it.

The Wake Up Balm combines 'optical' ingredients for that instant glow effect with a high tech skincare formula. The light- reflecting mica in the balm is so finely milled that it creates a radiant look without glitter or sparkle and creates such a pretty, subtle finish that instantly makes the skin look well-hydrated and rested. It just makes it look better really, but in a sort of understated, non-obvious way.

Designed to be worn instead of or on top of your moisturiser, the balm is silky and velvety, but not heavy or ‘silicone-y’. It contains a range of ingredients that work over time to improve the appearance and texture of the skin, including Estee Lauder’s trademarked RevitaKey Technology and Plant Stem Cell extracts. RevitaKey features Moringa extract which is rich in Amino Acids, Vitamin C and Omega 3 and works to firm the skin and reduce the look of lines and wrinkles.

To be honest, I would use this product for the instant, optical effect alone, I like it that much.

I have used the Wake Up Balm as the only thing on my face, on top of serum and moisturiser and underneath foundation and enjoyed it every time. I didn’t experience any pilling when wearing beneath foundation which is a major win because I really hate a product that pills! 

If you’re in the market for something you can literally apply in seconds, will instantly refresh the look and feel of your skin and just give you a bit of a spring in your step I would highly recommend this. It makes me feel at least a tiny bit put-together for the morning school run and that’s got to count for something, right? The Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme + Global Anti-Ageing Wake Up Balm has an rrp of £49 but I’ve found it for £39.20 at All Beauty.                                                                                                                               

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