Thursday 3 June 2021

Simplifying Your Daily Beauty Routine

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Are you sick of feeling like your daily makeup routine takes way more time than it should? Many of us are willing to suffer for our art (that art being cosmetics!) but taking the same steps every single day can undoubtedly be something of a pain. Here, we’re going to look at how to simplify your daily beauty routine so that you’re spending a lot less time in front of the mirror and a lot more time out there looking at your very best.

The where matters a lot

Which where are we talking about? Where your makeup is, of course. When you’re preparing for the day, spending a minute here and there looking for one thing or another can add up. It can also get frustrating not being able to find the products for the next step of the morning routine. Makeup organizers can be just the little extra help that you need to streamline your routine. First of all, they’re effective storage that allows you to quickly find what you need, but you can also order your products in each compartment so that, as you go through them in order, you are also going through the products in the order that you need to use them.

What can you skip?

Skipping parts of your daily routine? Doesn’t that sound a little dangerous? It’s a lot less risky than you might think to start skipping parts of the routine, especially if you can take minutes off of the morning routine. The easiest way to do this is to cleanse just once in the morning (instead of twice as you should in the evening) and use a fast, gel based cleanser or milk that takes moments to remove, rather than a balm.

Dry shampoo is a great shortcut

If your hair needs a thorough wash then, yes, it probably is a better idea to go for a full shower with your regular shampoo! However, if you’re just freshening up for the day and your hair doesn’t need that much of a wash, then dry shampoo can be much more convenient and take a lot less time. As the name implies, you don’t need to wet your hair, so you’re not going to have to take time drying it after. It's also great for adding body and volume to your

Use skin care products that do more

Multi-tasking is going to play a huge role in how you can streamline your morning routine, and the first place to look at implementing it is in your skincare steps. You want to protect your skin, nourish it, and (possibly) 'fight' the signs of aging and, as such, you might be inclined to get different products for each step of the journey. However, that might not be necessary. A small selection of multitasking choices might be just what you need. Not only will you spend less if you exchange a couple of products for a single day cream, but it’s also going to take less time to apply.

Find your makeup multitaskers, too

Skincare isn’t the only arena in which you can use a product that does more than one thing. If you’re willing to improvise with what you have got, then there are plenty of great makeup products that have more than one use. When you shop for makeup, look for products you can use in multiple ways like a good base that also acts as a cheekbone contour, foundation to act as a spot concealer, and lip cream that can also add a little colour to your cheeks when needed. Often, you can use something beyond its stated purpose to really get your money’s worth out of it, meaning you spend less cash and time fussing with different products.

Choose longer-lasting products

No one’s makeup is going to stay perfect the entire day, but if you have to repeatedly touch up time and time again, it’s going to quickly become a little absurd how much time you have to spend in front of the bathroom mirror. There are plenty of culprits to point the finger at, here, but lipstick tends to be the peskiest of them all. Make sure you’re taking the time to choose resilient and long-lasting lipstick, even if it means that you’re going to have to cut down on variety since they typically cost a bit more. If it lasts longer, it’s going to require less micro-management. The more you have to reapply, the bigger the chance that you might mess it up or rush it.

Do what you can do overnight

You’re going to cleanse your face of just about most things before you head to bed for the night, as you should. However, overnight skincare products aren’t just great at saving time in the morning, but they can also be much more effective than stuffing your morning routine a little too full. For instance, at night is a great time to make use of heavier moisturizers that can be a little obvious when used in the daytime. Focusing on overnight skincare products also means that you don’t need to worry about how skincare is going to mess up your makeup since they’re split into two different routines.

The tips above won’t exactly turn makeup and skincare into a mindless routine that you don’t need to put any thought into. However, it can make it a lot easier to get set up for the day, to stay organized, and to be ready in a hurry when you need to be.

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