Saturday 8 February 2020

ARK Skincare Age Defend Night Treatment

(Gifted Item) I'm yet to try an ARK skincare product that I don't get on with, so I was naturally excited to try their latest launch. The latest additions to the skincare brand are two creams - the Age Defy Repairing Night Treatment and Age Defend Regenerating Night Treatment.
The Age Defend range is specifically for people in their 30s and 40s while Age Defy is for 50 + so I've been trying out the Age Defend treatment.

Our skin is best at healing and repairing itself while we sleep, so the active ingredients in the formula were specially selected to help this natural process along. 
The cream features a cocktail of soothing, hydrating and collagen boosting ingredients including Rovisome Q10, Kiwi Seed Oil, Passion Seed Oil, Cordarom Blue Lotus, Vitamin E, Vitamin A Palmitate and Shea Butter. 
These ingredients also work to relieve dryness, increase elasticity and protect the skin - perfect if your face is a little sensitized or stressed. In addition, the treatment includes radiance promoting and anti-fatigue ingredients to reduce the appearance of dark circles, under eye bags and general dullness.

Nighttime skin care products are, and always have been, my favourite to apply. I just think there's something incredibly therapeutic about massaging lovely potions into my face before hitting the hay. I personally love rich creams, serums and oils and enjoy the 'heaviness' often associated with PM skin care. 
I was therefore fully prepared for the Age Defend Night Treatment to be quite rich and heavy...but it's actually not. Rich, yes. But heavy? No. At first pump, because the cream is quite thick, I did briefly wonder how on earth this stuff was going to absorb.
But after massaging it onto my face for a bit, it just sort of suddenly sunk in, leaving a velvety, sort of plumped up feeling (lovely) and glowing look. In other words, it absorbs into the skin unexpectedly well, so if you prefer your skin care to feel light, yet present, you should get on with this. Hopefully that makes some kind of sense! The night treatment also smells really good. It's got a natural, sort of herbal scent that I find to be quite soothing- perfect for an overnight product.

I've used the Age Defend Regenerating Night Treatment most nights for nearly three weeks and I would confidently recommend it to virtually anyone who has skin. It feels a little bit indulgent to use, absorbs nicely and, so far, has made my face feel more hydrated and comfortable than it has in a long time.
Packaged in a hygienic pump bottle, the ARK Age Defend Regenerating Night Treatment retails at £42. You can find it online at ARK.

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