Saturday 8 May 2021

Escentual Perfume Blind Trial Discovery Box Set

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In case you didn't know, Escentual is a pretty amazing online beauty shopping destination. They offer    an exceptional (and ever growing) selection of French Pharmacy, mid-range and high end skincare, makeup and fragrance and I've found myself browsing for hours sometimes. If I'm looking for gifts or some Mustela products for my son, Escentual is usually my first port of call- their prices are pretty much unbeatable anyway and they often have amazing sales such as 25% off French Pharmacy brands and site wide discounts popping up frequently.

Today's post is all about something that Escentual launched at the start of the year; the Escentual Perfume Blind Trial. It's a really cool concept that I'm sure brightened a lot of days during recent lockdowns!
Part of the #EscentualScents program and in collaboration with Thomas Dunckley aka The Candy Perfume Boy, the blind trial involves a discovery set of sample sized mystery perfume vials, an exclusive Facebook group and a whole lot of chat about fragrance!
New discovery sets are released every month, available for £19.95 which is credited back to you via Escentual's Pretty Pennies rewards program. Each set is themed, often according to a particular fragrance family, and includes 8 vials of fragrance and a QR code that you can scan that takes you to the exclusive Perfume Blind Trial Facebook group. 

The 2ml vials are marked A to H and contain a mixture of mystery unisex fragrances as well as scents aimed at men and women. The identities of vials A-D are revealed the week after you receive your box via a Facebook Live with Thomas, with E-H unveiled the following fortnight. Escentual will let you know the date and times of the reveals so you won't miss out - make sure you scan the code and sign up to the Facebook group asap too!

The idea behind the blind trial is to get you thinking about scent without the distraction of knowing all the details and hopefully discovering a new favourite that you otherwise might have overlooked. I have the May edition, which is themed as 'Woody' and I'm really enjoying giving them all a try (always on the supplied sampling cards first, just in case my sensitive pregnancy nose has a meltdown).  I'm actually quite intrigued about what the secret scents could be as the majority smell quite traditionally masculine to me! I'll definitely be tuning into the Facebook Live on Thursday night for the big reveal of the first four.
This month's box is now sold out but you can get your hands on June's box here. Boxes will be available for presale to ensure they're sent out in good time for testing and reveals. Don't forget, you get the £19.95 back in the form of loyalty points too.

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