Friday 23 April 2021

Glossier Hand Cream

After reading mixed but mainly great reviews of Glossier Hand Cream, I figured it was time I tried it out for myself. I've always thought the squeezable, palm-sized packaging was very covetable, but would the contents impress me? Well, it turns out I have mixed feelings myself! Read on to find out why.

The rich, yet light formula is absolute spot on in terms of texture. It's everything I want in a hand cream, especially for daytime use while working at my laptop or after hand-sanitising on the go. This is because it absorbs rapidly and beautifully, leaving skin soft and supple, with a barely there, almost undetectable film left behind (something called Glycofilm Pollustop which Glossier describe as a Second Skin Matrix to lock moisture in and keep stressors out). 

With Fermented Coconut Extract and fatty-acid rich Meadowfoam Seed Oil to moisturise, the cream is spiked with antioxidant Rosemary Leaf, Echinacea and Sunflower extracts and rounded off with Rice Bran for its soothing and softening properties.

All sounds pretty good right? Well, it really is. Until you get a whiff of the stuff that is. I was expecting the hand cream to have the same scent as the glorious Glossier You but, to me, it smells different every time I use a squeeze...and not in a good way. On first sniff, I genuinely thought there was something wrong with the hand cream, as in I was quite close to cutting open the cute pink packaging and start searching for mould. It was the strangest, mustiest scent for a brand new, unopened product. If you've ever smelled a body lotion or face moisturiser that's been open too long, you'll know what I mean. It was more than a little disappointing if I'm honest. There have been times I have used it and thought it smelled very old-school floral perfume, other times I've picked up notes of the You fragrance and even more times when it's just smelled like generic yet pleasant freshly soaped skin. It's honestly the most unpredictably scented product I've ever owned - it literally smells different every time I use it!

And use it I will, partly because I love how it makes my hands feel and partly because I have sort of grown to enjoy the element of surprise. At £16 for 30ml I don't think it's something I'd repurchase but there are plenty of other Glossier products I certainly would - Boy Brow I'm talking to you. The hand cream is available here.

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