Tuesday 9 January 2018

New to the UK: Previse DermApothecary Skincare

I always find new beauty brands so much more appealing when the people behind the brand are friendly and Previse is a fine example of this - the founder, Sean, is an incredibly charming guy! Already a big deal in its native US, the brand has launched its ZeroFragrance line exclusively to Harvey Nichols in the UK. The general premise of Previse Skincare is to provide effective products powered by nature, in other words, clean beauty that doesn't compromise on how well it works. Clean beauty is already a big deal and it's definitely a growing market with plenty of clean and/or green brands showing up on the scene recently but I found there's one very distinct difference with this line from Previse. That is, the product range is unscented and free from both artificial fragrances and essential oils.

There are six plant-based skincare products in the line, formulated with Dermatologists to cater to a growing interest in the clean beauty market. To me, Previse are filling a gap in the clean beauty niche by creating natural products that don't necessarily smell natural! Not only are many people sensitive to essential oils and fragrance, some simply prefer their skincare to not smell of much at all, so Previse is providing what very well could be the perfect compromise- clean skincare without the telltale scent that so often comes with it. As mentioned there are six products in the line including Marine Granules Skin Brightening Botanical Scrub, MommyBalm Stretch Mark Cream, BodyMist vitamin E Body Oil, HydroFoam Rejuvenating Hyaluronic Moisturizer (amazing), Purify Hydrating Marine Cleanser and the SOS SkinRescue Healing Salve. Launching later this month is the Ozone Defence Nutrify Serum. 
I have two of the products to hand - the Marine Granules Scrub and yet-to-be-launched Ozone Defense Serum. Both products are entirely new concepts to me as one is a scrub designed to be mixed in with your existing cleanser and the other is powered by artichoke extract. Who'd have thought? First up, the Marine Granules Skin Brightening Botanical Scrub.
Previse Skincare Scrub
Now, I am an acid exfoliation enthusiast but I still love using a physical scrub a few times a week- there's just something really satisfying about massaging some grainy goodness into damp skin. The Previse Marine Granules Scrub is used as an additive to your cleanser and the amount you use depends on how strong you'd like the exfoliating action to be. I've tried it with a cream cleanser and a jelly/milky cleanser and found it equally as effective with both formulas. The brightening exfoliator blends fossilised algae with jojoba and botanicals to gently buff away dead skin cells and stimulate cell renewal. The scrub is gentle enough for sensitive skin. Previse Marine Granules Skin Brightening Botanical Scrub is £43.
The Ozone Defense Nutrify Serum has a consistency like 'thick water' which absorbs effortlessly.
Previse Skincare Serum
Infused with hyaluronic acid and enriched with vitamins B5, B3 and C, the serum not only hydrates but also helps shield the skin from air pollution. The serum features a green tea and artichoke elixir, which I think is the  most interesting component as I've not seen the humble artichoke mentioned in the world of skincare before now. It so happens that artichokes contain something called Cynaropicrin, which is a naturally occurring phytochemical that studies show aids in preventing the damaging effects of UV exposure and pollution. The Ozone Defense Nutrify Serum also helps fight oxidisation, helps elasticity, tightens pores and  moisturises. The serum is £49.
The Previse Skincare ZeroFragrance range is available in the UK exclusively at Harvey Nichols

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