Friday 1 December 2017

Daughter of the Soil Marula Hand Gift Set

The first thing I really want to write about this hand care duo is this: Yum.
Both products are chai tea scented, so I knew I was going to love the smell before I even opened the box, but the fragrance really is next-level deliciousness.
The duo features a conditioning hand cleanser and delicate hand lotion that both smell like warm, delicious, comforting chai tea. Not Starbucks-Chai-Latte sweet but rather spiced and aromatic with the perfect hint of sweetness to round things off. I imagine the scent would appeal to most because it's not sickly saccharine at all - just lovely and warming.
Both products have the same African 'miracle' ingredient at their core - that being Marula Oil. Marula Oil supports the skin in retaining the right balance of hydration and also helps to lock in moisture, so it makes perfect sense to include it in body care products.
The wash leaves hands feeling clean but not stripped at all and the lotion is rich, creamy and non-greasy.
Daughter of the soil hand wash and hand lotion

As you can see, the hand wash and lotion are both presented in rather chic 250ml white and copper pump bottles so they'll undoubtedly add a little touch of style to the bathroom. The hand lotion would look pretty glam on your bedside table too!

Beautiful products aside, Daughter of the Soil has a lovely backstory.
CEO Maria Magembe was inspired to create Daughter of the Soil by her great-grandmother Onyang, who was a strong and influential woman in her Eastern Ugandan community.
Onyang believed in the powers and benefits of nature, so Maria began to create skincare products from local botanicals to honour her great-grandmother's legacy. The meaning behind the actual name of the brand also has family origins - Daughter of the Soil is a phrase that Maria's father used to describe his four girls. How lovely is that?
The 'British-blended, African-heritage' brand uses 100% naturally derived ingredients, with all products free from any harsh synthetic additives, so if you have sensitive skin it's definitely a brand to check out.

The Daughter of the Soil Hand Gift Set is £30 and you can discover the rest of the brand's beautiful products and gift sets online at Daughter of the Soil.

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