Saturday 4 November 2017

Missguided Babe Power Atomizer Set

I'll put my hand up and admit that this scent really caught me off guard! When I first heard about the Babe Power fragrance from Missguided, I didn't really give it too much thought. I just assumed the scent would be a little too 'young' for me and I've actually never tried any high street type clothing retailer's own branded fragrances before. However, at first sniff I was impressed. Fragrance is sooo subjective and so personal - one person's trash is another's treasure etc - and I'm happy to say that personally I find Babe Power to be a fun, pretty and deceptively sophisticated scent.
Missguided Babe Power Perfume Travel Set

I say deceptive because at first it comes across as very sweet and for a split second I thought it could only be for those who like their fragrances really sugary. But in that same moment it becomes something altogether more grown-up and oddly... comforting. I'm certainly no fragrance expert by any means but I know what I'm drawn to- often gourmand-esque scents- and to me, Babe Power rivals some of the classic (and expensive) sweeter perfumes. It's little wonder really that it's been such a popular fragrance this year.

The perfume has a gorgeous sort of edible sweetness to it at first (think baked dessert type treats and candyfloss) that's complemented beautifully by a baby-powdery edge. I think it's the powdery element that I find oddly comforting actually. The official notes of Missguided Babe Power Eau de Parfum are:
Gourmand Vanilla, Musk, Amber Crystals, Citrus Fusion, Moss, Heliotrope, Orange Blossom, Peony, Jasmine, Grapefruit Zest, Sour Cherry, Pink Pepper, Crisp Apple, Pineapple, Rhubarb and Absinthe.
The set I have here features a mini 15ml twist-up version of the cylindrical, rose gold 'can' design and a 15ml refill. Pretty perfect for travel/ stashing in your handbag or coat pocket and really perfect for gifting.
You can find the Babe Power Atomizer Set at Missguided.

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