Tuesday 13 December 2016

The Hollywood Browzer Review

When I first read a review about the Hollywood Browzer I felt a bit intrigued and a little hesitant. Intrigued because, until this point I'd never had any kind of shaver near my face and afraid because the Browzer essentially looks like a Sweeney Todd-style cut throat razor. 

Ok, if I think back a few months I do recall seeing something on Huda Beauty's Instagram about a razor for women to use on their peach fuzz. You know that invisible hair that makes itself known only when you've just carefully applied a layer of foundation? That. I didn't think that as a female i could actually use a blade to get rid of anything more than the peach fuzz - after all, doesn't shaving make the hair grow back about a trillion times thicker? My mustache is already darker and more pronounced than I would like it so I'll be damned if I'm going to make that situation any worse! 
The Hollywood Browzer, however, is currently trying to convince me that razoring off my facial fuzz is not going to result in a full, Shoreditch-style beard. 
This nifty little gadget may look a little like a somewhat deadly cut throat, but in reality it's much less intimidating. The foldable device flips open to reveal a stainless steel-waffle coated blade with safety guards on each side. This design ensures that it doesn't cut or irritate the skin so you can go about your grooming business without fear of nicking your skin/lopping off any of your facial extremities.
After taking it out of the packet and staring at it for a bit, I decided to give it a go on my upper lip. To use the Hollywood Browzer, you hold it at the non-bladed end (obviously) at a 45 degree-ish angle and gently swipe across the hair. After doing this on my mustache I noticed two things:
  1. My upper lip suddenly felt and looked as smooth as after I've waxed the hell out of it.
  2. It's actually weirdly satisfying and quite fun to see all the little hairs on the blade.
After I'd de-stached I had a go on the peach fuzz (fun), sideburns (really fun) and, as the finale I gave my brows a little tidy up (instant gratification). It's really quite a brilliant little tool!
As an upper lip-waxer, I've beco me accustomed to expecting redness for a good few hours after the deed is done, so it felt like an actual treat to remove the hair and not have the irritation afterwards.
The Hollywood Browzer is not just for the face, you can use it to tidy up the back of a hairy neck as well as the stomach and bikini line. Though to be honest I think I'd need an industrial-sized one for that.
The Hollywood Browzer is £15 (for two razors and a travel pouch) and you can find it at hollywoodbrowzer.com or Boots.

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