Tuesday 1 November 2016

Intraceuticals Rejuvenation Infusion Facial at Lazeo Notting Hill

It felt like it'd been aaages since I'd had a facial so a recent invitation to indulge in one at Lazeo Clinic in Notting Hill was very welcome! If you've not been to Lazeo yet, it's tucked away on Lambton Place behind the Aesop store in Notting Hill.
I had visited Lazeo to experience the Intraceuticals Rejuvenation Infusion Facial; a treatment that thoroughly hydrates and plumps lacklustre skin.
I enjoy pampering facials and results-driven facials equally and even though this particular facial is, strictly speaking, about the end result, I found it to be an incredibly relaxing and somewhat pampering experience. It was like the best of both worlds really - I got to lay down and totally relax and ended up with a complexion that looked like something amazing had actually been done to it.

To start, I was introduced to Rachna - a brilliant Therapist who was so kind and personable and an absolute treasure trove of skincare knowledge.
I was then given some alone time to get comfy and tuck myself into the heated bed (amazing) and Rachna talked me through what she would be doing to my face- a thorough cleanse and light exfoliation followed by the infusion using Intraceuticals products.

If you're not familiar with the Intraceuticals brand, they are an Australian company (hurrah) who create professional products that intertwine medical and cosmetic sciences.
Designed to increase overall hydration and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, the non invasive treatment uses the Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Serum - a concoction that contains lightweight Hyaluronic Acid and a powerful blend of vitamins and antioxidants. The infusion part of the treatment is achieved via a technique that involves the application of the Rejuvenate Serum via a device that's not unlike an airbrush make up gun. The applicator uses pressurised oxygen to penetrate the serum into the skin, giving a much deeper treatment than if it was just massaged in. The technique creates a somewhat odd, but thoroughly pleasant sensation and I was told that some clients even giggle the whole way through because they find it so ticklish! Personally, I found it really, really soothing and quite refreshing - especially while the serum was being lightly sprayed across my skin.
Every single inch of my face was worked on several times with meticulous care before the deal was sealed with a hydrating moisture barrier.
By the end of my treatment I felt like I had been lying there for several blissful hours and all but drifted off to sleep. In reality, the whole treatment takes just under an hour so if you're strapped for time, it's the perfect treat and the results make it ideal as a pre-event treatment.

Speaking of results, this treatment left me quite astonished by my own skin! Once I'd 'come to' a bit and was left to dress and compose myself, I turned up the lights in the treatment room and inspected my complexion closely. Firstly, I looked glowy (not greasy), which was nice because as an expectant mother, this is yet to occur naturally, so was good to see! Secondly, my face looked (and felt) smooth and I am willing to bet that if I had felt inclined to apply a layer of foundation at that point it would have smoothed on like a dream. Thirdly, the fine lines around my eyes had sort of plumped out, which in turn made my eyes look better overall. Essentially, I did not look at all like someone who had been nauseous and hormonal for the past few months.

The Intraceuticals Rejuvenation Infusion Facial is £135 and takes 50 minutes. Lazeo also offer other Intraceuticals Infusions for different skin types.
You can find Lazeo Clinic at 8-9 Lambton Place, London, W11 2SH and contact reception on 020 3813 7430

I was kindly offered this treatment for consideration

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