Thursday 3 November 2016

A'Kin Brightening Rosehip Oil with Vitamin C

I'm rather enjoying A'Kin Brightening Rosehip Oil for many reasons but here are my first two:
1. It's created by my fellow countrymen (as in, A'kin is an Aussie brand)
2. I really, really like Rosehip Oil anyway.

akin rosehip oil with vitamin c
akin rosehip oil with vitamin c

The newly launched Brightening Rosehip Oil with Vitamin C combines the natural powers of Rosehip Oil, Macadamia Oil and Vitamin C to create the perfect potion for post-summer skin. The reason this is an ideal addition to your Autumn/ Winter skincare stash is that it works to brighten and recondition the texture of the skin and reduce the appearance of sun damage. In other words, it gives your skin back what harsh summer sun rays may have taken away.
The organic Rosehip Oil contains high levels of nourishing essential fatty acids, which, combined with the skin-brightening and and antioxidant properties of Vitamin C and smoothing, softening effects of Macadamia Oil, make it a naturally effective force to be reckoned with.

Because Rosehip Oil is a 'dry' oil, this formula is incredibly lightweight and non-greasy and I found that it absorbs incredibly fast, leaving a subtle 'glow' rather than 'sheen'. Even though I don't mind a blatantly oiled up face in the evening when the temperature drops, it is pretty handy that this oil doesn't leave you greasy so it can be used just as freely in the daytime as it can at night.

To get all science-y for a moment, A'kin uses the Supercritical CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) method to extract the Rosehip Oil. Basically, this method uses pressurised Carbon Dioxide to 'pull' the precious oily bit away from the plant. Extracting this way preserves the purity of the oil and in turn maximises the benefits, meaning that this particular Rosehip Oil is of a very high quality! 

The addition of Macadamia Oil into the mix is for a pretty simple reason- Macadamia Oil has a very similar composition to the sebum that occurs naturally on our skin, so it helps the formula absorb even more as well as retain moisture.

For all you green beauty types, it's worth noting that the entire A'Kin range does not contain parabens, sulphates, ethoxylated and petrochemical cleansers, propylene glycol, silicones, phthalates, mineral oils, DEA and artificial colours, artificial fragrance or animal ingredients. The company is also against animal testing.

A'Kin Brightening Rosehip Oil with Vitamin C has an RRP of £24 for 20ml. You can find it online at A'Kin Beauty and in-store at Waitrose and Whole Foods.

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  1. I must try this! I have A'kin unscented very gentle shampoo and I love it. It's the only shampoo that does not irritate my very sensitive scalp and I tried pretty much all other "gentle" shampoos out there... :-)