Sunday 10 May 2015

Willow Organic Beauty- a Brand you need to know about

As a skincare obsessive and bath time enthusiast, I'm always glad to discover a brand that pretty much nails both of these areas.
Willow Organic Beauty is a British brand specializing in, you guessed it, organic beauty and from what I've tried from them so far, they seem to be masters at creating natural, effective and above all beautiful products to cleanse, hydrate and pamper to perfection. 
I was so excited to try two pieces from Willow Organic and thought I'd better get a move on in photographing them before I use them all up. That would just be awkward.

First up, the Willow Organic Beauty Pink Himalayan Body Scrub*, part of the special edition Butterfly Range. A delicate, detoxifying scrub that removes dead skin cells and promotes circulation, this is something you absolutely need to try if you enjoy a good old scrub that leaves you smelling scrumptious. Upon opening the jar the first thing I noticed was the gorgeous scent - the scrub contains Sweet Orange Oil, Almond Oil and Barbary Fig as well as various flower extracts and oils so of course it's going to smell lovely.

As you probably gathered from the name, the scrub is Pink Himalayan Salt based, which is very good at exfoliating and renowned for its detoxifying properties. The Pink Himalayan Body Scrub would be great to use a few days before fake tanning but not the day of as it does leave the skin really soft and nourished and I can still feel the oils on my skin once I've rinsed, so fake tan won't take to the skin. This effect is pretty handy really as it makes the scrub almost a two in one product in that it scrubs and hydrates at the same time, meaning I can skip the body moisturiser. Bodycare win.

The Willow Organic Beauty Hydrating Super Mask* is unlike any mask I've tried before really. The incredibly moisturising mask contains an impressive 96.82% organic ingredients and is ideal for sensitive, dry or 'normal' skins.The gel mask is packed full of marshmallow root, orange and rose extracts to soothe and replenish and contains the Miracle Oil Barbary Fig.

The gel mask is applied in upward strokes after cleansing and toning/ exfoliating and left to get to work for ten minutes before rinsing off gently. Just like the scrub, this mask smells amazing and feels quite cooling on the skin, which is obviously wonderful considering the weather is warming up a little.
Once I rinse this off, my face feels smooth, soft and refreshed. I've been using it in the evening but feel it would also be a great 'pick me up' during the day for an extra dose of hydration.

A Note on Barbary Fig
Willow Organic Beauty is the only UK skincare company to use Eco Cert cold pressed organic Barbary Fig Oil in their products. Barbary Fig is also known as Prickly Pear (which I have written about before here) and is exceptionally rich in Vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants.
The Wllow Organic Beauty Barbary Fig Range was developed over two years by an expert collective of cosmetic chemists, scientists, herbalists and aroma therapists and is touted as the most advanced organic skincare regime on the market today.

The Willow Organic Pink Himalayan Body Scrub retails at £34 for a 250gms jar and the Hydrating Super Mask  is £48 for 50ml of skin loving goodness.
I am so, so impressed with these two products from Willow Organic Beauty and can only dream of having my bathroom and dressing table decked out in all of their products! If you're yet to try anything from this beautiful organic brand, get involved - they have a range of reasonably priced gift sets and travel sets to get yourself acquainted with the products too. Have you tried anything from Willow Organic Beauty?

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