Sunday 17 May 2015

Sjal Bio-Regeneratif Serum Review

I've been lucky enough to try some products from Sjal before but their latest skincare offering could easily be described as the mother of all serums. Designed for all skin types, the Bio-Regeneratif Serum focuses on cellular regeneration and features targeted peptide complexes to lift the skin and smooth wrinkles.

Serums are everywhere at the moment and they're probably one of my favourite steps in my skincare routine, but what exactly sets the Sjal serum apart from the other anti aging and lifting serums on the market today?
Well, for a start the Bio-Regeneratif Serum is packed full of gemstones and minerals - a blend that Sjal has become renowned for in the world of skincare.
The serum features Malachite Complex which is derived from actual Malachite stones and promotes tissue regeneration (and gives the serum its blue/ green colour) and Sjal's signature Gemstone Blend.
The Gemstone Blend is a fusion of Sapphire, Amethyst, Tourmaline, Diamond and Ruby. Sjal claim that this blend of actual, real life gemstones 'act as subtle energy amplifiers, helping to raise vibrational energy levels of cells, allowing for optimized cellular metabolism, while supporting clarity and microcirculation'.
Whether or not you're convinced by the vibrational, energising properties of the above stones, there's no denying that the addition of diamonds, rubies and sapphires makes for a seriously luxurious piece of skincare.
The formula is non-greasy and absorbs beautifully for an instantly smoothing effect. It feels seriously beautiful on the skin and in my opinion is ideal for this time of year in the UK as it's so lightweight.
I have used the Bio-Regenetif Serum on and off since I received it around a month ago and can happily report that I do feel that it improves tone and overall appearance of my skin and leaves it with a lovely glow immediately after use.

Before I'd even read the box/ leaflet I put in on my face and could immediately feel that this is an 'active' serum.
By active, I mean you can sort of feel it working and it produced a slight tingling effect that subsided after a minute or so - I think this feeling is down to the addition of an advanced form of Vitamin C.

Sjal recommend that the serum is used twice daily on cleansed, toned skin for maximum benefits but I haven't done this religiously as I'm rather petrified of it running out. Here's why. The Sjal Bio-Regeneratif Serum comes with the pretty serious price tag of £205. Yes you read that correctly. Bearing in mind that Sjal is classed as a luxury skincare brand, the price point is not unexpected. Sjal Bio-Regeneratif Serum is available from Look Fantastic and Space NK.

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