Monday 2 February 2015

Philosophy Fresh Cream Fragrance Review

Philosophy fresh cream fragrance bottle image

Lovers of all things sweet will probably swoon over Philosophy Fresh Cream Eau de Toilette- at first sniff, I certainly did.

The sophisticated glass bottle and simple  clean label could fool you into thinking the fragrance is just as sophisticated and clean, but I assure you it is not! Fresh Cream is a saccharine dream but there's nothing particularly fresh about it and I hate to break it you, but it definitely does not smell like cream. What does cream even smell like? The only time I've noticed cream having a particular scent is when it's been forgotten about for a few days in the fridge and has started sprouting things. 

To me, Fresh Cream smells like a gooey combination of rich vanilla ice cream and cookie dough topped with a hefty dollop of sweet chantilly cream. In other words, it smells like something that would go straight to your hips and probably make you feel violently ill after a few mouthfuls. 

As much as I enjoy this fragrance, the staying power is not excellent. In fact, after an hour or so I can barely smell it at all, unless I press my nose right up to my wrist, which is pretty disappointing. It just doesn't seem to 'throw' its scent if you know what I mean. I spritz it on pulse points and even in my hair occasionally but the scent just doesn't linger. I'm sure that Fresh Cream would stick around longer if you were to layer it with the matching body wash and body cream.
Other than the staying power and it's slightly deceptive name, Philosophy Fresh Cream is a nice addition to your dressing table/ handbag if you're a lover of gourmand Laura Mercier-esque foodie scents. I got my bottle from QVC a few months ago for £34 but is now available at John Lewis if you fancy a sniff.

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