Sunday 24 November 2013

Superdry Beauty

I was introduced to Superdry beauty back in September during LFW and I've been trying out a few bits and pieces from the collection since then.
Superdry have released various beauty sets since but the two that I've been playing with are the Superdry Bento Beauty Box and Superdry Beauty Collective.

The Superdry Bento Beauty Box

This cute little kit inspired by the iconic Japanese bento box contains:

  • Tube of Lip Fix - a thick, Vaseline type balm
  • Eye Marker - literally like a chunky permanent marker eye pen
  • Nail Paint - mini nail polish
  • Highlighter - not unlike a sheer pink liquid Benefit highlighter
  • Volumising Mascara- a pretty decent mascara in a HUGE tube with a silicone wand
  • Superdry Nail Plane - fairly self explanatory
  • Superdry mirror - a nifty little mirror perfect for popping in your handbag
I'm not overly keen on the lip fix for one reason and one reason alone - it's watermelon scented (it's also available in peppermint and coconut, both of which I would get a lot of use out of ) and imitation watermelon is probably my most disliked scent/ flavour. The texture of this is ideal for winter though, it's basically like a less greasy Vaseline.
I'm really impressed with the Eye Marker. It leaves a really dark, opaque line and I find it quite easy to use on my top lids thanks to the fairly fine point. It seems to have pretty good staying power too, which is always a huge bonus.
Again, really impressed with the Highlighter. It's quite a thick liquid formula that adds a subtle sheen to cheekbones.
The formula in this super-black mascara contains lash volumising Keratin and the silicone wand separates lashes for a clump-free experience. That's what it says on the tin and that's exactly what it does. Pretty kitschy cardboard tube too.

The Superdry Beauty Collective

Housed in a neon cosmetic bag, the Beauty Collective contains:
  • Nail Paint in Punk Pink
  • Black Thunderbolt Eye Pencil - wooden eye pencil with smudger
  • Lip Glaze in Shocking Pink - similar to Stila lip glaze and very sheer
  • Eyeshadow Duo in Mudflat/ Cream - a pair of rather pigmented powder shadows in really cool plastic and metal packaging 
  • Superdry Nail Plane
I use the eye pencil on my water line/ bottom lashline and have found it has pretty impressive staying power. It's a rich, deep black and comes with a smudger on the end (which I don't use because me and smudgers just don't get along for some reason).

The eyeshadow duo is probably my favourite item from the Superdry beauty range that I've tried so far. While I don't get a lot of use out of the 'cream' colour, I adore the dark brown 'mudflat' shade. The shadow is very pigmented and it lasts. I also like the way it swings open. Easily amused.

I don't love the lipglaze but I don't hate it either - which is obvious as you can see how much I've used it in the picture. The shade is 'shocking pink' but I didn't find it shocking enough. Bright in the tube, yes, but very sheer on the lips. I like the design of the twist up see-through tube and I do like the texture of the glaze but in terms of colour, it doesn't pack enough of a punch.

Overall, I think these are generally good quality products - just because I don't like watermelon and prefer lipstick over gloss doesn't mean my Superdry beauty experience wasn't a good one! The eye products and highlighter especially get two thumbs up from me and I wouldn't hesitate trying out more from the range next time I'm near a Superdry. I haven't touched on the nail polishes in this post simply because I haven't tried them yet, so I'm looking forward to seeing how they fare!
The Superdry Bento Beauty Box and Beauty Collective retail at £25 each and are available in store and online at *Edit: Superdry beauty has since been discontinued however you can still find a range of washbags/ makeup bags in store and online.