Wednesday 24 April 2013

The Fake Tan Files: Spray Tan at Artistic Monkey

Growing up in Australia I practically had a permanent tan. While my time in London has seen my skintone adopt a much pastier pallor, I think for now I've had enough of sporting the 'pale and interesting' look and it's high time I get my Aussie kid colouring back.

Throughout spring and summer I'll be testing out a variety of fake tans in an effort to find my perfect, go-to faux glow.

First off the bat is an organic Spray Tan I experienced last Friday at Artistic Monkey salon in Kilburn.

An oasis among the general drabness of Kilburn High Road, Artistic Monkey sticks out like a sore thumb in the best possible way.

The salon is glamorous, modern and clean with really lovely staff and to top it off, there's even a cheeky bowl of miniature cupcakes for snacking on while you wait!

There can be few things as mortifying as stripping off and having a virtual stranger spray every inch of your body with a fine brown mist, but beauty therapist Lili is so friendly that I nearly forgot I was standing there in nothing but a thong and stick on soles (to prevent dying the soles of my feet).

The whole process took under 15 minutes yet it was the most thorough, enjoyable spray tan I've experienced (and I'm from the Gold Coast, the fake tan capital of Australia so that's saying a lot).

Lili made sure it was even and wiped my palms with baby wipes to avoid any tell-tale signs of fakery (not a word but it is now) before leaving me to get dressed.
Immediately after the spray tan - looking a little dirty!

The next day - after the tan has developed (and two showers!)

Tan line day 3

Tan line day 3

When you go for a spray tan, the key is to wear the loosest, darkest clothes you can find and skip the bra if you can. Make sure you exfoliate really well the day/ night before and don't skimp on the moisturiser!

After the tan, wait at least 8 hours before showering, allowing the tan time to develop properly and treat water like the enemy - that means no washing dishes!

The formula they use at Artistic Monkey is top secret but they did tell me a few things about it:

  • It's organic
  • It's Australian (yay)
  • It contains a load of skin loving ingredients
  • It contains anti-ageing components
  • It's a 'green based' formula, therefore there is 0 chance of looking like a fanta can

This formula is so good in fact that it was given a 5/5 rating by More Magazine :0

I really can't recommend this spray tan enough - even the boys at work thought it looked great and they would be the first to tell me if that wasn't the case!

The spray tan at Artistic Monkey left my skin looking glowy, healthy and naturally tanned - literally like I'd been lazing about in the sun for a few days. The tan lasts about 7 days if you take care of it properly (don't have really hot baths and slather on the moisturiser). I had mine on Friday and it's now Wednesday and I'm still quite tanned! If you're interested in a healthy looking olive tan rather than an orange one I recommend you give this a go.

The spray tan at Artistic Monkey is £28 for full body or £15 for half body (waist up) with packages available for courses of 6.
You can call Artistic Monkey on 020 3638 3616 or check them out here. Make sure you have a browse of their other beauty treatments and hair services while you're at it!

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  1. looks really good - tan really suits you, doesn't it? makes your eyes pop :) x

  2. It looks like a really natural brown not orange tan! xoxo.

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  4. It looks so good, not orange at all :)

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  5. Really looking great,Will be eagerly waiting for more.

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