Sunday 28 April 2013

Shopping Online: The Pro's and the Pitfalls

I have developed a love/ hate relationship with online clothing and beauty stores, so I've decided to weigh up the good, the bad and the downright ugly aspects of clicking and spending.
a cartoon of a woman shopping online

Pro: You can buy virtually anything from the comfort of your own home. Clothing optional.

Con: What if it doesn't fit? This happens to me. A lot. As we all know by now, sizing is not universal - a Topshop 10 might be a Zara 12. Until you familiarise yourself with the brand, mistakes will happen. Just don't beat yourself up if you can't quite zip those jeans up or your new top is gaping where your boobs are supposed to be.

Pro: Delivery to your door, often the next day if the price is right and regular 'free delivery' promotions.

Con: Missing said delivery because you went to get milk and were gone for all of five minutes, then having to trek to the closest Royal Mail depot which is bound to be closed by the time you finish work/ get there.

Pro: Online stores pounce on trends the minute they hit the High Street and produce their own versions at more realistic prices. Remember when American Apparel Disco Pants became huge? Now you can find them online for a fraction of the original AA's £70 price tag.

Con: Online stores (especially cheap and cheerful sites) can compromise on the quality of their products. You can't pick up a top and feel the material or inspect the stitching on a boot like you can instore.

Pro: You can fire up your computer and go straight to a reliable price comparison sight to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. My pick? Global comparison site Uniprice. .

Con: Going to fire up your computer and realising your cat/ puppy/ boyfriend has chewed through the power cable.

Pro: The novelty of clicking on an item on the screen, entering your card details and bam! you're done. No swathes of people to barge through to get to the counter. No traumatic public transport or parking space negotiations. You wanted it, you bought it and now it's yours.

Con: Having to pay with your card. I for one am slightly more frugal with my money when I've got cold, hard cash in my wallet. Studies show that in general people spend more when paying with plastic. No, I didn't make that up, there are actual studies.

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  2. I am exactly the same!
    If I am using my card then I will spendspendspend like there is no tomorrow. It doesn't seem like real money. A deffo con for me.

    Love the blog :)

    Stop by mine when you get a chance.

  3. Oh I spend waaay more paying with plastic! I can never be bothered with actually going out shopping so tend to order a few sizes in each item unless I know the brand really well x

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