Thursday, 28 March 2013

An Ode to Posh & Becks

In light of the fact that they're set to renew their vows this year, I'm paying blog-homage to the unstoppable force that is David and Victoria Beckham. I've loved Victoria since I tried to emulate her at my school talent show aged twelve, and David? Well he's just getting better and better with age, like a fine wine or maturing cheese.
The pouting, minuscule Mrs Beckham is a misunderstood creature in my opinion  She's got great taste in clothing, her own designs are pretty incredible and she rocks a pair of Louboutins with a ferocity unlike any other. So what if she doesn't smile in photos?
Below are some of my favourite fashion moments of the iconic pair. Love them or hate them there's no denying that sometimes these two get it so right it hurts.

 Modelling Armani Underwear in that ad campaign.
 I love pretty much everything about this outfit - The hair, the oversized sunglasses, that amazing, floaty belted dress and THOSE SHOES. Of course, Harper is a pretty sweet accessory that finishes off the outfit nicely.
 Victoria is wearing a top with cats on it. This automatically makes her incredible.
 Who knew white & peach could make for such a classy combo? I think she looks incredibly elegant here but my favourite thing about this picture is the suspicious man in the background.

 Their outfits complement each other perfectly here. Victoria's belt and dark fingernails and toenails match David's suit. Awww...
David wears a waistcoat and doesn't look like a fool. Not at all. I think grey might just be his colour.

Then of course there are these fashion moments which are incredibly a little bit hilarious now but I suppose one could say were totally on trend at the time.

 Matching turtlenecks..
Matching leather ensembles. Never a good idea. Ever.
I think these two might be a bit of a Marmite couple but love them or loathe them you can't argue with the fact that together they're a force to be reckoned with in the realm of celebrity.
Thank the Lord they've sorted their wardrobes out though.

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*I do not own the photographs featured in this post
*This is a promotional post

Monday, 25 March 2013

Cath Collins Devon Oh La La Orange Flower Eau De Toilette

If you're looking for a new scent-sation(sorry) for spring, you can't really go wrong with a floral that's bursting with fresh, zingy notes of Orange and lemons combined with lily, jasmine and ylang ylang all wrapped up in a velvety musk base.

Introducing the Cath Collins Oh La La Orange Flower Eau de Toilette.

When I first opened the package, the perfume had my attention immediately because of the beautiful box it comes in.
To me it conjured up images of old school candy-striper's and can-can dancers. A bit retro, a bit cheeky and very feminine, which proved to be a taster of things to come once I'd given it a spray.
I would describe this scent as flirty and romantic with a grown-up twist (kind of like me, except for the last bit).

On first spray Oh La La Orange Flower is pretty strong with a certain earthiness to it, kind of like walking into a greenhouse that's packed with blossoming flowers.
Once it settled on  my skin, the orange flower really comes through - a warm, spicy, citrus scent that's extremely wearable and 'clean'.

There is nothing synthetic about this scent- no 'essence of candy floss at the fair' or 'notes of Mayfair shoe-shiner' here, just good, clean, natural scents that come together to create one beautiful floral. Even as a complete sucker for sickly sweet scents (think Flowerbomb and Jimmy Choo), in my humble opinion you simply can't argue with a decent floral, and Oh La La Orange flower is just that.

You've got to love a homegrown brand and Cath Collins creates her products right here in the UK- in Devon to be precise.
Devon is one of my favourite places in England, a far cry from the mania of London and home to rolling hills of lavender and gorgeous wild ponies.
Dartmoor Ponies!

There's a lot to like about the place, and now thanks to Cath's Eau de Toilette there's one more thing to add to the list.

I sampled Oh La La Orange Flower, but Cath has also released another fragrance, Lily Fandango - a fresh oriental scent.

She also creates a plethora of gorgeous body and bath products and home scents so check out her website here.

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*I was sent this scent (hehe) for consideration but it's earned its place on my dressing table fair and square

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Pretty Polly Shape It Up! Tummy Shaper Tights

Since I touched down at Heathrow, Pretty Polly have been my go-to brand for all things denier related.
From playful collaborations with Henry Holland to Vintage style backseamed nudes and Secret Socks, Pretty Polly always seem to have something for my pins for every occasion.
Now they've stepped things up a notch and introduced a shapewear range (cue applause).

The new Shape It Up! range is designed to flatten and enhance your lady lumps and includes the Tum & Bum Shaper Tights for a winning combination of perkier bottom and flattened belly, Tummy Shaper Tights to smooth down lumpy bits and suck things in a little (also available as suspender tights, wooo!) and the Totally in Control Shaper Shorts that lift the bum, flatten the tum and keep things smooth and tight in the thigh area.

I've been giving the Tummy Shaper Tights a spin and even took some rather embarrassing pictures to show you the detailing of the tights.
Pretty Polly Shape it Up! Tummy Shaper Tights

As you can see, the tights are fairly sheer on the leg but feature an opaque high-waisted-hotpants style top. This is the bit designed to 'suck you in'. 
The tummy shaper component of these is tight, yet weirdly comfortable and features flat seams that lay against your body so you achieve a smooth finish when you're actually wearing clothes over them!
The Tummy Shaper Tights by Pretty Polly retail for £12.

P.S. I am fully aware that I don't have the bum of a Dukan Diet devotee. I have squidgy bits, bumpy bits and downright funny bits but this is a blog for girls like me, so laugh if you like because I certainly am! You may also be wondering why these pictures were taken in a forest. For that I have no answer.

Thanks for reading!

*I was provided with the PP Shape it Up Tummy Shaper Tights for consideration

Monday, 18 March 2013

Spring Court Heels at L.K Bennett

L.K. Bennett Shilo Leather Stiletto Heel Court Shoes in Berry £110-£170 at John Lewis
You've got to love a classic court heel but why stick to plain black when you can add a pop of colour or multi-toned nude that's springtime perfect.
L.K.Bennett Bruton Toe Cap Leather Court Shoes in Blush £125 - 185 at John Lewis
 Classic shapes and bright yet sophisticated shades are just two reasons why L.K Bennett Shoes are so wearable this spring.
L.K. Bennett Shell Patent Leather Stiletto Court Shoe £185 at John Lewis

These heels are a great alternative for ladies who want to put a little 'spring' in their step but keep things office friendly with a subtle hit of colour. These are a  great take on seasonal colour blocking with a sophisticated edge.

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Plaid Shirt + Love Label High Waisted Jeans

Today I frolicked in Epping Forest with my friend Adam. We got lost, ate fruitcake, drank tea from styrofoam cups and snuck into a pub to use the bathrooms.

Here's what I wore.

High Waisted Jeans - Love Label at

These jeans are incredibly comfy and have a lot of stretch - they're my denim alternative to the beloved Disco Pants.
You can find them online at Very here.

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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Make Your Own Bloglovin Widget :O

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I didn't realise you could make your own widgets but it turns out you can...

If you're thinking of making your own custom made follow button, Bloglovin tells you how here.

It's super easy and kind of fun too!

For messing around with images, I like - it's like a less stressful, more basic version of Photoshop.

Let me know if you make your own! x

Anamaya Wellbeing Clinic - My Experience with Facial Reflexology

If you feel good, you look good, that's pretty much a given. Of course makeup enhances, conceals and makes us look like 'more attractive' versions of ourselves but we all know that those who have good skin to start with need less slap.
But how does one achieve a great natural complexion? There are the undeniable benefits of a good skincare regime of course, but go one step further and the results can be even better.

Here's where facial reflexology comes in.
Yesterday I experienced this treatment for the first time at Anamaya - a haven of relaxation, wellbeing and general goodness tucked away just off one of my favourite places in London, High Street Kensington.

I was originally booked in for a Japanese Facial Lifting Massage, but after a relaxed consultation with my practitioner Rupert, we decided Facial Reflexology would be more beneficial for my health and therefore my complexion!
Using divinely scented Rosehip oil, Rupert went to work feeling around my face for any issues that may need addressing. I was genuinely surprised when Rupert touched a particular area of my face and asked if I suffered lower back pain. I certainly do. How could he know this? Was this man some kind of wizard? He's not a wizard, no (I don't think so anyway) but he is extremely knowledgeable in what the face and feet can tell about the rest of ones body, having graduated from the Central London of Reflexology in 2004.
You may be a little confused about what I mean when I'm talking about Facial Reflexology - isn't reflexology something to do with feet?
Originally, yes but the Facial Reflexology Sorensen system that Rupert practices is a fairly new, unique treatment developed by Danish practitioner Lone Sorensen over the past 25 years.
The treatment works on the same principles as traditional reflexology - stimulating and massaging particular points and areas that correspond with various parts of the body, but it's all done via your face, which I can tell you right now is ridiculously relaxing.
Rupert has treated women with stress related issues, problems with the nervous system and various other complaints and has seen particularly good results after treating ladies suffering reproductive problems.

After working  on my face for a good 50 minutes or so (and when I say good, I mean good), Rupert cooled my skin down by rolling a couple of cold stone spheres over my face, then I was left to wake up properly and gather my thoughts with a glass of water.

Facial Reflexology can be used to treat physical and emotional issues but it's also being touted as a brilliant beauty treatment as stimulating the face in such a way can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, even out skin tone and even banish spots!

I can't really describe how my skin felt after the treatment, but I will try! My face felt slightly numb but also stimulated and refreshed at the same time. Even today as I write this, almost 24 hours after the treatment, my skin is still feeling 'plumped up'.

I really enjoyed this treatment and I love the fact that it's beneficial for my health as well as my appearance.

Anamaya itself is a totally relaxing, calming, clean environment - a little slice of heaven in the city complete with candles, fresh flowers and an all round gorgeous vibe.

Facial Reflexology is only one of the treatments available - there are practitioners offering Acupuncture, Massage, Meditation, Reiki, Energy Healing, Homeopathy, Craniosacral Therapy and even Pilates all in one place at Anamaya.

You can find out more about Anamaya, the practitioners and the various treatments and therapies on offer by visiting the website here. For more information about Rupert French and his treatments you can find him here.

My experience at Anamaya was fantastic, I wouldn't take the time to write about it if it wasn't, so if you're in London and city life is getting on top of you or you'd like to try a beauty treatment with a twist I suggest you visit Anamaya.

Call Anamaya on 0203 011 0355 or email the team at

Thanks for reading!

*I was given the treatment free of charge for editorial purposes but that doesn't change the fact that Anamaya rocked my world.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

BoPeeps - Cute, Ethical and Cheeky Lingerie!

Gone are the days of compromising comfort in the name of pretty knickers thanks to the unashamedly flirty and undeniably comfy BoPeeps knickers and bras.

Already featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Zest, the Vogue Blog and Stylist (to name a few) BoPeeps is an underwear brand to keep your eye on!

I've been putting the Butterfly Bra and Heart Shaped Knickers through their paces and I'm happy to report that the rumours are true - these pieces are uber comfortable and flattering to my shape - even my bum is a fan as the cut of the knickers gives it that little extra perk up!

I have the set in 'Nude' but other colours such as Charcoal, Crimson, Clover, Atlantic and White are available as both sets and separates.

The Bra is slip-on but features all important adjustable straps

BoPeeps is a London based brand and many of their items are produced right here in the big smoke while others are handmade in a small family owned and operated factory in Taiwan which is frequented by BoPeeps, which is indeed an assurance to their customers that the products are made lovingly in good working conditions.
The Heart Shaped knickers are £17 while the Butterfly Bras retail at £23.
The fact that they are sold separately and as sets means you can mix and match sizes to get the perfect fit, for example my Butterfly Bra is an S while the knickers are an M.

For more information visit BoPeeps where you'll find the bra and knickers I've featured here as well as Ballet Bras, Thongs and gorgeous vintage frilly knickers!

Thanks for reading! x
*These gorgeous smalls were provided to me for consideration. But I'm a terrible fibber so you should take my word for it.

Clinique Even Better Foundation - Now in a Compact

Clinique's best selling 'Even Better' foundation is soon to be available as a creamy handbag friendly compact formula!
Available in 20 shades, the lightweight compact foundation is supposed to offer light to medium coverage and comes complete with a pre-treated anti-bacterial sponge.

Clinique's Even Better Compact Makeup SPF15 will retail for £27.50 and will be availabe online and at Clinique counters from March 15.

I don't mind the original liquid formula so I'm keen to try out this handbag friendly version!

Thanks for looking :)

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Wing Yip - Chinese Supermarket Haul :o

Today I journeyed with my brother and his girlfriend to the mystical food universe that is Wing Yip Superstore.
With shelves and freezers filled with the largest array of authentic Eastern Asian products I've seen in London, Wing Yip  is the place to visit when you're cooking something a little exotic and Sainsbury's just won't cut the mustard.
The fridges and freezers at this place are brimming with pretty much every dumpling you can think of, from the much loved Char Siu roast pork buns through to Japanese Daifuku - sweet gelatinous rice cakes with a sweet filling.
If you're a great advocate of animal rights, be sure to avoid the fresh seafood counter - among the vibrant red slabs of sashimi grade tuna are fish, crabs and eels swimming around in tanks hoping to be liberated rather than eaten. Not a nice sight.

Moving on, this place offers aisles upon aisles of noodles, drinks, spices, rices, and sauces and sells kilo bags of herbs and dried birds eye chillies for just over a pound.

I picked up a few exotic treats and a bamboo steamer with the total tallying up to just over £20.

Here are a few of the items I hoarded while I was there. I think I'm worse with impulse buying food than I am with anything else.
Malaysian Steamed Buns with Coconut Filling

Japanese Steamed Azuki Bean Bun (sweet)

Japanese Sesame Mochi (gelatinous rice cakes with sweet bean filling)

Chinese Char Siu Bao (Roast Pork Buns) and Har Gow (Prawn Dumplings)
 I don't eat the pork buns because I'm not a meat eater but I picked these up for my sister because I know how much she loves them and I'm rather excited about using my new bamboo steamer to heat them. It's the small things in life...

Are you a lover of Asian Supermarkets? Got any recommendations for me?
If you're keen to visit Wing Yip, you can find Superstores in Birmingham, Manchester and Croydon.
Live in London like me? Visit the Cricklewood store at 395 Edgware Rd, NW2 6LN.
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Saturday, 2 March 2013

The 90's Revival... and Why it's Fine With Me

 It's been creeping it's way back into our wardrobes and make up bags for years now and if the S/S13 shows are anything to go by, 2013 is set to be a celebration of the iconic decade that was the 90's.
Here are a few reasons why I think this can only be a good thing:

Leggings and oversized jumpers/ T-Shirts

Suits everyone, hides an abundance of sins, comfortable enough to fall asleep in after work.
Asos Bright Oversized Jumper £22.50

 Claire Danes in My So Called Life

Ahh Angela Chase, how I adored you. I followed your lead when I was 14 and dyed my hair burgundy.
Teenage angst perfection.
And of course your love interest Jordan Catalano AKA a very floppy-haired Jared Leto...

The Power Brow

Cindy Crawford rocked it in the 90s. So did Brooke Shields. And pretty much anyone else that mattered.
Fashion Bloggers - I implore you to pull this pose off

90's Grunge Fashion

Without a doubt, one of the easiest trends to pull off and virtually the only one where it's ok to look like you kind of smell. In a hot way.

The Original Series of 90210 

This series was incredible. So incredible in fact, that in 1995, when I was 10, we named my horse Shannon after Shannon Doherty. Weird name for a horse really.
I remember the first series of 90210 was so scandalous for the time and a true example of just how unconvincing it can be when 30 year olds impersonate high school students. Please note Megan Fox's man, Brian Austin Green in the bottom left.

Dungarees are awesome

And they are back! I'm looking forward to wearing a pair this summer with a crop top (after some tummy crunches of course).
Asos Pintuck Dugarees £32

The Spice Girls

There are no words.

The Crop Was In

More and more ladies started to rock a boyish crop. I salute thee!
Gwyneth and Brad had matching crops

Halle Berry's hair tempted Fred Flintstone

Demi's hair is shorter than Patrick's in Ghost. Claywork at school was never the same again.

It was the decade of The Supermodel

Naomi, Cindy, Christy, Linda, Elle and Claudia led the way for a very youthful (and Johnny Depp loving) Kate Moss in the 90s.
They trod the catwalks when Cara was just a twinkle in her parent's eyes and Miranda Kerr was in nappies in the Australian outback.
These women represented not just beauty but strength as well thanks to their Amazonian statures and lean, sporty physiques. Bring them back. Please.

The Makeup

90's skin was 'natural and clean' and freckles were celebrated. Lips were a little darker than the bright reds I love, but they were red all the same so I'm happy to try out a darker hue to salute the 90s!
Winona Ryder in Reality Bites
Jennifer Aniston rocking 'The Rachel'
A young Kate Moss

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Happened

First the film starring Kristy Swanson (what happened to her?) and Luke Perry of 90210 fame, then the hugely popular TV series that made Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan famous. I can't even comprehend how much I loved this series.
Buffy the 1992 film
Buffy the TV series
 So that's just a small selection of my favourite bits and pieces from this wondrous decade.
I will leave you with this song from 1994, which was featured in pretty much every romantic comedy from the 90's at some point.

Thanks for reading!