Sunday 24 March 2013

Pretty Polly Shape It Up! Tummy Shaper Tights Review

Since I touched down at Heathrow, Pretty Polly have been my go-to brand for all things denier related.
From playful collaborations with Henry Holland to Vintage style backseamed nudes and Secret Socks, Pretty Polly always seem to have something for my pins for every occasion.
Now they've stepped things up a notch and introduced a shapewear range (cue applause).

The new Shape It Up! range is designed to flatten and enhance your lady lumps and includes the Tum & Bum Shaper Tights for a winning combination of perkier bottom and flattened belly, Tummy Shaper Tights to smooth down lumpy bits and suck things in a little (also available as suspender tights, wooo!) and the Totally in Control Shaper Shorts that lift the bum, flatten the tum and keep things smooth and tight in the thigh area.

I've been giving the Tummy Shaper Tights a spin and even took some rather embarrassing pictures to show you the detailing of the tights.

As you can see, the tights are fairly sheer on the leg but feature an opaque high-waisted-hotpants style top. This is the bit designed to 'suck you in'. 
The tummy shaper component of these is tight, yet weirdly comfortable and features flat seams that lay against your body so you achieve a smooth finish when you're actually wearing clothes over them!
The Tummy Shaper Tights by Pretty Polly retail for £12.

P.S. I am fully aware that I don't have the bum of a Dukan Diet devotee. I have squidgy bits, bumpy bits and downright funny bits but this is a blog for girls like me, so laugh if you like because I certainly am! You may also be wondering why these pictures were taken in a forest. For that I have no answer.

Thanks for reading!

*I was provided with the PP Shape it Up Tummy Shaper Tights for consideration


  1. Useful post, sound like something i deffo need :) You look amazing anyway!

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. Hahham cheers Sophie!They're pretty cool :D x

  2. Great post and original.well done!
    thanks for sharing

  3. "You may also be wondering why these pictures were taken in a forest. For that I have no answer." God that made me laugh.

    These tights sound awesome!

    Charlotte xo


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  5. Great post.. great looking tights. The forest was a excellent choice for taking taking these pictures. You've sold me on these tights.