Thursday 15 March 2012

DIY Dip Dye

Hello! So I've already started suffering lack-of-internet induced psychosis and simply couldn't exercise the patience to wait for it to be connected, so I bought an extortianately priced dongle to tide me over :o.
Hooray for painfully slow internet!

Anyway, to the point of this post:

You may have glimpsed that terrible picture of my recently dip-dyed hair in my previous post. For your viewing pleasure, here is a slightly more clear one:

And another...

So how did I do it? Pretty simply really.

I went to Superdrug and picked up a pack of this:
I chose the highlight kit after reading about Zoella's experience with using it to ombre her hair, though I was slightly scared about what shade it would go on my black locks :\

So how did I do it?

Firstly, I fashioned myself a beautiful cape from a rather large garbage sack, then mixed the colour according to the instructions, sectioned my hair into two low pigtails, applied the mixture messily to the tips of my hair, wrapped the two sections in tinfoil, ate dinner, had a cup of tea, watched an episode of Sons Of Anarchy, rinsed the bleach out in the bathroom sink, conditioned the ends, rinsed, allowed to dry naturally, smiled at how easy it was.

I left the bleach to work its magic for about an hour, resulting in a coppery-reddy colour that I rather like!
I thought my hair would feel a bit nasty afterwards, but I'm pleased to report that it does not, though I do work a fair dollop of  Alberto Balsam Intensive Treatment into the ends when I wash my hair.

What do you think? Do you dare to Dip-Dye? (sorry)



  1. oo i'm really thinking about dip dying my hair and my colour is pretty close to yours at the moment :) i quite like the coppery colour and i am getting closer and closer to trying it myself! thanks for your tips :D xox

  2. I've wanted to do this, dont know if it would suit me though. Also love love love your lip colour.


  3. I can't wait to do this! It came out great on your hair x